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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • September 27, 1960

    Top Secret Service and Character References for Core Group of Six Cosmonauts Training for the First Human Spaceflight

    Brief service and political character references for the core group of six cosmonauts training for the first human spaceflight.

  • January 25, 1961

    Report of the Results of the Examinations held with Cosmonaut Students of the Air Force’s Cosmonaut Training Center

    Results of examinations held with the core group of cosmonaut trainees at the Cosmonaut Training Center.

  • March 30, 1961

    Report from D. Ustinov et al to the CPSU CC regarding the Preparation and Launch of a Manned Spacecraft

    Memo from representatives of industry, the scientific community, the armed forces, the KGB, and the space designer community to the Central Committee report on final preparations for piloted spaceflight and asking for permission to launch a spaceship with a human on board.

  • April 03, 1961

    Excerpt from Ninutes Nº 322 of the CC Presidium of April 3, 1961, 'On the Launch of the Satellite-ship'

    Final Presidium (or Politburo) decree, entitled “On the Launch of a Space Satellite-Ship,” approving the launch of a spaceship with a human on board.

  • April 11, 1961

    Transcribed Notes Dictated by Nikita Khrushchev while at Pitsunda on the Eve of Gagarin’s Flight

    Transcribed notes dictated by Nikita Khrushchev while at Pitsunda on the eve of Gagarin’s flight, on April 11, 1961.

  • April 13, 1961

    Questions to Yu. A. Gagarin and Answers of Yu. A. Gagarin (During the State Commission Session of 13.04.1961)

    Transcript of the State Commission’s interview with Yuriy Gagarin after his mission.

  • April 13, 1961

    Top Secret Report of Major Yuri Gagarin

    Full Report of Yury Gagarin to the State Commission after his mission, on April 13, 1961.

  • April 26, 1961

    Excerpt from Minutes Nº 325 of the April 26, 1961, Meeting of the CPSU CC Presidium, 'On the Further Commemoration and Popularization of the First Flight of a Soviet Man in Space'

    Presidium (or Politburo) decree on publicity for the flight of Yuriy Gagarin.

  • May 03, 1961

    Preliminary Report on the Results of the Launch of the Third Vostok-3a Satellite-Ship with Pilot Yu. A. Gagarin on Board (Accomplished On April 12, 1961)

    Preliminary Report analyzing the results of the Vostok flight of Yuriy Gagarin, prepared by the design bureau in charge of the flight, OKB-1, based in Kaliningrad north of Moscow.