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  • 1950

    Untitled report on the objectives of the Communist Party

    Account of the major and tactical goals of the Communist Party, as well as a calendar of protests and recent modifications in strategy and objectives.

  • February 22, 1950

    Notes from L.A. Leont’ev's February 1950 Meeting with Stalin

    A second meeting with Stalin and the editors of the political economy textbooks, in which Stalin outlines the distinction between the people's democracies of Eastern Europe and China.

  • April 24, 1950

    Notes from L.A. Leont’ev's April 1950 Meeting with Stalin, Regarding Political Economy Textbook

    Stalin voices his displeaure over the political economy textbook. He urges the authors to study Marx in greater depth, yet to also make the text simple. Stalin stresses the importance of the Soviet Union having a political economy textbook.

  • February 15, 1952

    Notes from L.A. Leont’ev's February 1952 Meeting about Questions in Political Economy

    Stalin discusses his "Remarks" on the finished political economy textbook, and fields questions regarding the "Remarks" and various terminologies in the book. Stalin emphasizes the importance of keeping the public knowledge of the extent of his involvement in the formation of the text to a minimum.

  • April 08, 1955

    From the Journal of Ambassador Pavel Yudin: Memorandum of Conversation with Liu Shaoqi

    Record of conversation between Liu Shaoqi and Soviet Ambassador to China Pavel Yudin. The main topic of discussion was the subjects to be covered at the All-China Party conference, scheduled for June 1955. The conference would focus on the Gao Gang case, a new five-year-plan, and an article to be written by Chairman Mao Zedong for Lenin Days. The meeting concluded with discussion of a new political economy textbook to be distributed in Chinese.

  • 1956

    Letter, Deputy Chair of the Far Eastern Branch of the Soviet Academy of Sciences Aleksei Vasil’evich Stozhenko

    Stozhenko, a geography professor, writes to a friend concerning komandirovka (work-related travel), science education in China, and the sometimes bad behavior of Soviet advisors in China. He warns that “gluttonous eating, sleeping in luxury rooms, and traveling in the international car at the expense of the PRC is not helping things.”

  • November 05, 1968

    Report Relayed by Andropov to the CPSU Central Committee, 'Students and the Events in Czechoslovakia'

    KGB Chairman Yuri Andropov presents a secret, 33-page report to the CPSU Central Committee about the mood of Soviet college students. The report had been completed sometime before the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia, and had been circulating within the KGB. It is not clear precisely who drafted the report, but Andropov’s cover memorandum and the report itself indicate that the author was a college student in Odessa who had recently finished his degree.

  • December 05, 1979

    Agreement between the Czechoslovak and Soviet interior ministries on the processing of the educational text "Socialist Pedagogy" for the Czechoslovak College of National Security

    This agreement concerns the editing and publication process for the instructional material "Socialist Pedagogy," which is to be taught to pupils of the Czechoslovak College of National Security. Utilization and distribution of the document is discussed and a list of topics to be addressed in the document is included. The teaching material is to focus on preventative educational measures of the Czechoslovak National Security forces, mainly teaching Socialism and Communism. An example of a chart to fill in according to the editing process is included.