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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • March 18, 1952

    Reply Concerning Ideas for Strengthening Propaganda to International Chinese

    Officials in Guangdong weigh how to respond to inquiries and draw support from Overseas Chinese.

  • December 10, 1953

    CCP Central Committee Propaganda Instructions for the Signing of the Sino-Korean Economic and Cultural Cooperation Agreement

    The Central Committee of the CCP offers instructions on how to quell public dissent over the signing of the Sino-North Korean Economic and Cultural Cooperation Agreement in 1953.

  • April 06, 1954

    Cable from Zhang Wentian to Li Kenong, 'Concerning the Soviet Suggestion on Propaganda Work at Geneva'

    Vasily Kuznetsov tells Zhang Wentian to work more on creating propaganda and diplomatic activities to expand the influence of New China.

  • June 09, 1954

    Telegram, Li Kenong to the PRC Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regarding the Chinese Delegation’s Meeting with the Delegations of Various Popular French Organizations

    Li Kenong reports to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Chinese delegation liaison team with the French delegations. Li describes the attitudes of most of the delegates as pro-Chinese and anti-American. The North African delegation, whom Li also meets, is described as anti-French government. Additionally, Li reports on propaganda materials (e.g. literature, buttons, etc) distributed during these meetings.

  • July 27, 1954

    Telegram, CCP Central Committee to Zhou Enlai, Concerning Policies and Measures in the Struggle against the United States and Jiang Jieshi after the Geneva Conference

    In this telegram, the CCP discusses policies and measures taken to break up the US-Chiang treaty, and to liberate Taiwan. The CCP describes its propaganda efforts and efforts to enhance naval and air forces.

  • January 17, 1955

    Plan (Draft) for Compilation, Translation and Publication in Cooperation for the Propaganda in the Asian-African Conference

    A list of books and pamphlets to be distributed by China at the Asian-African for the purpose of propaganda. The topics concerned include: Nationality, Religion in China, China in general, Taiwan, and China's Five Principles

  • April 25, 1955

    Cable from Zhou Enlai, 'Reply to Inquiry Regarding the Achievements of the Asian-African Conference and Main Points for Propaganda'

    Zhou Enlai told Zhang Wentian that the Asian-African Conference was successful in affirming the common wishes of anti-colonialism, maintenance of peace and friendly cooperation. Zhou advised Zhang to wait until the effect of the Conference have become clearer and monitor the reaction in other countries.

  • December 29, 1961

    Cable from the Foreign Cultural Liaison Committee, 'Request to Send Culture and Friendship Delegation to Visit Africa'

    The PRC Foreign Cultural Liaison Committee proposes to send a propaganda team to Guinea, Mali, Egypt, Morocco, Ghana, Tunisia, Syria, and Iraq.

  • May 06, 1975

    Summarized Evaluation of Kim Il Sung's Visit to the PR China (18 to 26 April 1975)

    A report on the visit of Kim Il Sung to the PRC, describing Kim Il Sung’s reception and the topics discussed. These include the two countries position on the Soviet Union, the role of the “Third World” and Korean reunification.

  • May 12, 1975

    Note concerning a Conversation between Ambassador Everhartz with the Head of Department II in the DPRK Foreign Ministry, Comrade Choe Sang-muk, about the Visit by Comrade Kim Il Sung to the PR China

    Choe Sang-muk informs Everhartz about Kim Il Sung’s recent visit to the PRC, in which Kim discussed the situation in Cambodia and South Vietnam and the unification of the Korean peninsula.