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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • November 21, 1951

    Ciphered Telegram No. 26044, Gromyko to Razuvaev

    Telegram from Gromyko to Razuvaev instructing him to explain to the Chinese and Koreans the reasoning behind Vyshinsky's demand that the demarcation line be established at the 38th parallel rather than at the present front line.

  • November 26, 1951

    Palestinians Spying for Britain

  • November 27, 1951

    Meeting Minutes between Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Hanfu and Indian Commisioner T.N. Kaul

    Zhang Hanfu and Kaul discuss the grain trade between China and India, the situation at the border following the PRC's incorporation of Tibet, and the arrangements for Zhang Hanfu to attend the International Industrial Expo in Bombay

  • December 01, 1951


  • December 10, 1951

    The Situation in Syria

  • December 10, 1951

    The American University of Beirut

  • December 10, 1951

    News from Lebanon

  • December 14, 1951

    Iraqi Activities in Lebanon

    Short document describing a meeting between an Iraqi Commissioner and Lebanese deputies in order to discuss a trade agreement in the aftermath of the Shishakli coup in Syria.

  • December 14, 1951

    General News

  • December 19, 1951

    Syrian Activities in Lebanon

  • December 21, 1951

    George Kennan’s Views on Radio Liberty

    Office of Policy Coordination officers visit Princeton to solicit George Kennan’s views on Radio Liberty broadcasting

  • December 25, 1951

    Memorandum from Gromyko to Razuvaev

    Gromyko suggests to Stalin, via Razuvaev, to turn down Vyshinsky’s proposal for publishing a communiqué about the American position in the armistice talks.

  • December 27, 1951

    Letter, Fraser Wilkins to Evan M. Wilson

    American diplomat Fraser Wilkins rebuts claims made by Prince Peter of Greece and Princess Irene.

  • December 31, 1951

    Letter to Lt. Col Mohammed Sadiq

    The Embassy of Pakistan writes to Lt. Col. Sadiq, Consul General in Xinjiang, on advertising among Pakistani nationals in Xinjiang.

  • December 31, 1951

    Syrian Report about the American Army

  • 1952

    Mao Zedong's 'Inscription on Smashing the Enemy’s Germ Warfare'

    An inscription made by Mao Zedong related to China's germ warfare allegations against the United States.

  • 1952

    Communist Propaganda in Lebanon

    Document detailing Communist propaganda regarding mutual defense, a union with Turkey, and peace with Israel.

  • 1952

    Responsible Members of the Communist Party

    A list of Lebanese communist party officials and information about them including their parents' names, places and dates of birth, and nationalities.

  • 1952

    Report about the Parti Populaire Syrien

    Report on the Parti Populaire Syrien's response to Anṭūn Sa'ādah's execution.

  • 1952

    Syria's Position vis-a-vis Lebanon