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  • July 17, 1952

    Ciphered telegram, Filippov (Stalin) to Mao Zedong

    Telegram from Stalin to Mao expressing his and Kim Il Sung's agreement with Mao's bargaining position at the armistice talks.

  • July 17, 1952

    Activities of Israeli Communists

    Document regarding the activities of Israeli communists supported by the Israeli government in Arab countries.

  • July 18, 1952

    Ciphered telegram, Mao Zedong to Filippov (Stalin) conveying 15 July 1952 telegram from Mao to Kim Il Sung and 16 July 1952 reply from Kim to Mao

    A two-part telegram from Mao to Stalin forwarding to the latter, an exchange which occurred between him and Kim Il Sung.

  • July 24, 1952

    Ciphered Telegram from Filippov [Stalin] to Mao Zedong via Krasovsky

    Telegram stating that it would be impossible to fulfill Mao's request on supplying arms and resources for a certain number of divisions, and that fulfilling even a fifth of his request (which they did) was difficult.

  • July 24, 1952

    Ciphered Telegram from Filppov [Stalin] to Kim Il Sung via Razuvaev

    Telegram conveying the answer to Kim Il Sung's request from the telegram of 16 July.

  • July 25, 1952

    Ciphered Telegram from Razuvaev to Sokolovsky

    Kim Il Sung requests that TU-2 planes will be sent to Manchuria during the summer, and that a Soviet instructor will accompany each crew.

  • July 28, 1952

    Miscellaneous News

  • July 30, 1952

    Mao Zedong, 'Comments on the Sanitation Services of the Volunteer Army'

    Mao Zedong's positive comment on the work of the Sanitation Services of the Chinese People's Volunteers.

  • August 04, 1952

    CIA-Free Europe Committee Memorandum of Understanding

    Allen Dulles records initialing a Memorandum of Understanding with Free Europe Committee (FEC). The Memorandum, also initialed by FEC President Howard B. Miller, outlines procedures for CIA (“Sponsor”) approval of FEC (“Fund”) budget submittals and establishment of a CIA liaison office to handle all FEC contacts except for financial matters and “matters which the Fund desires to take up with the Director of Sponsor [i.e., Dulles] or his immediate Deputies.”

  • August 08, 1952

    Report from the Embassy of the People’s Republic of Poland in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea for the Period of 25 June to 25 July 1952.

    Enemy attacks on hydro-electric power stations and transportation leave the DPRK with electricity shortage and transportation difficulties.

  • August 16, 1952

    Report to V. M. Molotov on Fascist Vandalism in Tehran

    Report on an incident in Tehran, involving the vandalism of a Soviet exhibit, which included likenesses of Soviet leaders. It explicitly blames the Fascist group SUMKA [the Iran National-Socialist Workers]. Attached is a aide-memoire which requests that the Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs look into the incident.

  • August 20, 1952

    Minutes of Conversation between I.V. Stalin and Zhou Enlai

    Conversation between Stalin and Zhou Enlai concerning the extension of the Port Arthur agreement, the construction of a Sino-Mongolian railroad to the Soviet Union, and the situation in Korea. On the issue of Korea, they discussed sending arms shipments to China and Chinese arms production; the possibility of a Chinese offensive in Korea; and the return of POWs. Stalin reaffirmed his commitment to assisting China in the war in Korea.

  • August 25, 1952

    Ciphered Telegram from Zhou Enlai to Stalin transmitting a series of telegrams between Mao and Kim Il Sung

    Telegram asking Stalin for his opinion on Kim Il Sung's and Mao's request to visit Moscow, and if he agrees to fulfill their request, would he please give instructions for sending a special plane to Beijing for informal transport of Kim Il Sung, Pak Hon-Yong, Peng Dehuai, and another eight people.

  • August 29, 1952

    A General Security Officer's Accusation

  • August 30, 1952

    Report about Adnan al Hakim

  • September 01, 1952

    Summary of the Popular Front's History

  • September 01, 1952

    Request to Bar an Iraqi Citizen from Entering Lebanon

  • September, 1952

    Resolution of the CPSU CC: On shortcomings in the treatment of the struggle for peace by the press

    Draft resolution of the CPSU CC [TzK VKPb] regarding the need to carry out political education with journalists, ensuring that the editorial staff understands correctly the struggle for peace led by the Soviet Union.

  • September 01, 1952

    Resolution of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party (CC VKP(b))

    The draft resolution of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party (bolshevik) (CC VKP(b)) printed below sharply criticized Soviet media that "inadequately mobilize Soviet people to raise their vigilance against the intrigues of imperialist aggressors" with "pacifist arguments," that ignore the "aggressive measures and plans" of imperialism, and neglect "Marxism-Leninist teaching on the character, sources and causes of war."

  • September 03, 1952

    A Plot to Overthrow the Regime