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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • February 16, 1951

    Ciphered Telegram, Filippov (Stalin) to Zhou Enlai via Zakharov

    Telegram from Stalin to Zhou Enlai informing the latter that he would satisfy Chinese requests for advisors for their air force.

  • February 17, 1951

    Ciphered Telegram from Zakharov to Filippov [Stalin]

    Response to Filippov's [Stalin's] telegram from the 16th of January passing on Zhou Enlai's response. Zhou Enlai stated that the air force will be at the joint command of the Chinese and Korean airforce.

  • February 20, 1951

    Letter, Lieutenant General John B. Coulter to Shin Sung Mo

    Lieutenant General John B. Coulter confirms an agreement with the ROK Ministry of National Defense to organize eight civilian Pioneer Labor Battalions to assist with United Nations military construction projects.

  • February 21, 1951

    Record of Conversations between G.M. Malenkov and M.A. Suslov with the Representatives of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of India

    G.M. Malenkov speaks with representatives of the Indian Communist Party, including Dange, Ghosh, and Rao. The ICP delegation asks for Soviet advice on party organization and composition. Malenkov responds, warning the ICP to take care not to come off as a Soviet puppet. Malenkov's main suggestion is to determine a firm party line, and publish a singular and clear program for the party, so as to unite disputing factions.

  • February 22, 1951

    Reception of the Chairman of the Xinjiang Provincial Government, Burhan, 20 February 1951

    In the conversation Burhan informed that in 1950 the Central government of the PRC requested the Soviet government to send Soviet specialists for work in Xinjiang. In connection with this, Bukhan described the request of the Xinjiang government for the following specialists: engineers—in hydro-technology, agronomy, veterinary technology, medicine, veterinary medicine and teaching. Burhan expressed the suggestion that these specialists could be used in the capacity of specialists in the Xinjiang provincial government. The request is being considered by the Soviet government.

  • February 23, 1951

    Combating Communism

  • February 24, 1951

    Ciphered Telegram from Roshchin to the Ministry of Finance

    Reporting that the value of the ruble was decreasing in terms of the American dollar and the Chinese yuan because the exchange rate of the ruble in yuan is calculated through the American dollar; the value of gold on the black market; and that an agreement should be established between the People's Bank of China and the National Bank of the USSR on the settlement of the non-trade transactions between the ruble and the yuan in line with the price of gold, independent of the US dollar.

  • February 26, 1951

    Communist Activities in the Beqa'

  • February 26, 1951

    Letter from the Egyptian General Security Department

  • February 27, 1951

    The Acting Secretary of State (Webb) to the US Consul, Calcutta

    The Department of State requests additional reports from the Indian mission in Lhasa.

  • March 02, 1951

    Information about Communists

  • March 03, 1951

    Ciphered Telegram from Filippov [Stalin] to Mao Zedong via Zakharov

    Agreement to relocate two fighter divisions - division 151 and 324 - under the command of General Belov to cover the rear of the Sino-Korean forces, if they are able to leave two Chinese air divisions in Andun to protect the power and communications in the area.

  • March 06, 1951

    The Communists and the Elections

    Document discusses communist activities in the Lebanese elections and Lebanese-Soviet cooperation in nominating communist candidates for the Lebanese House of Representatives.

  • March 08, 1951

    Women's Demonstration

    Short document describing a demonstration by the Women's Rights Committee on March 8th 1951 (International Women's Day).

  • March 11, 1951

    Communist Activities in Aleppo

  • March 12, 1951

    The US Consul General at Calcutta (Wilson) to the Secretary of State, Tel. 387

    A summary of the January 1951 report of the Indian Mission in Lhasa.

  • March 12, 1951

    The US Consul General at Calcutta (Wilson) to the Department of State, 'Transmitting Monthly Report of Indian Mission at Lhasa, Tibet, for Period Ending January 15, 1951'

    Report of the Indian Mission in Lhasa from January 1951

  • March 15, 1951

    Telegram from Stalin to Mao Zedong or Zhou Enlai, via Zakharov

    Stalin proposes sending more Soviet fighter planes to aid Chinese and Korean troops.

  • March 15, 1951

    Communist Activities in Aleppo

  • March 17, 1951

    Letter, Lieutenant General John B. Coulter to Syngman Rhee

    Lieutenant General John B. Coulter conveys words from General Ridgway, who asked him to give the message of appreciation to Syngman Rhee.