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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • September 07, 1987

    Report from Gen. P. Chergilanov Regarding Visit to Bulgaria of a TGU KGB Delegation

  • October 13, 1987

    Information from D. Stoyanov to G. Yordanov on Discontent Among Sofia University Employers and Professors

    The Minister of Internal Affairs, Dimitar Stoyanov, informs the Education Minister, Georgi Yordanov, about intelligence reports regarding the rise of discontent among professors, employees and students at the University of Sofia.

  • November 19, 1987

    Report of Gen. G. Shopov at the Multilateral Meeting in Varna on the Issues of the Struggle Against Terrorism

  • December 08, 1987

    Information to Gen. D. Stoyanov on Third Multilateral Counterintelligence Meeting in Moscow on Economic Issues

  • December 14, 1987

    Bulletin No 1-MVR Regarding Subversive Activities of Foreign Journalists in Bulgaria

  • December 14, 1987

    Bulgarian State Security Framework Program Regarding Struggle Against Turkish Intelligence Services

  • January 18, 1988

    Protocol of MVR Leadership Meeting Regarding Subversive Anti-State Groups in Northeastern Bulgaria

  • March 11, 1988

    Info No. 403 KGB and PGU Info-reply re: Collaboration with Third World Intelligence services

  • May 18, 1988

    Letter from Gen. D. Stoyanov to E. Mielke on Multilateral Foreign Intelligence Meeting in Berlin

  • June 20, 1988

    Weekly State Security Review from the Ministry of the Interior to T. Zhivkov

    The Minister of the Internal Affairs, Dimitar Stoyanov, briefs Todor Zhivkov on the weekly domestic developments. Among the most pressing issues is the ongoing popular discontent in Ruse triggered by the unresolved problems with industrial pollution in the city. Another issue is the opposition of the Turkish minority to the revival process.

  • December 13, 1988

    Letter from V. Cherbikov to Gen. D. Stoyanov Regarding Glen Souther – a KGB agent

  • April 21, 1989

    Meeting Between G. Tanev and D. Djurov with a Presentation of the New VKR Head

  • April 25, 1989

    Meeting of the Collegium MVR Regarding Hostile Emigration

  • May 17, 1989

    Information on Countermeasures Against Enemy Defense Attaches' S&T Intelligence Activity

  • May 17, 1989

    Information on Multilateral Meeting of Warsaw Pact Military Counterintelligence (VKR) Services in Moscow

  • January 05, 1990

    Statement of Alexander Lilov, Bulgarian Politburo Member, at a Meeting with the Ministry of the Interior Leadership

    Alexander Lilov responds to criticism from the police academy cadets. In an open letter, the cadets, concerned with the softening assimilation policies towards the Turkish minority, claim that Turkish nationalism poses a threat to Bulgaria’s territorial integrity. Lilov dismisses the fears for secession of the predominantly Turkish regions from Bulgaria and reminds his audience that historically Bulgarian nationalism has also been a particularly destructive force.