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  • October 10, 1945

    Radiogram No. 1, Stalin to Malenkov

    Stalin asked Malenkov to read all the article of "The Situation of the Election."

  • October 10, 1945

    Record of Conversation between Soviet Ambassador in China Apollon Petrov and Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai and Wang Ruofei

    Mao discusses negotiations with Chiang Kai-shek and the political and military position of the Chinese Nationalist Party.

  • October 11, 1945

    Telegram from Malenkov to Stalin

    Malenkov confirmed the receipt of Stalin's telegram and promised to make necessary correction to "The Situation"

  • October 13, 1945

    Telegram from Molotov, Beria, Malenkov and Mikoyan to Stalin

    Stalin's suggestions for Soviet delegation was approved by the Politburo.

  • October 13, 1945

    Cable No.3303 from Stalin to Molotov, Beria, Mikoyan and Malenkov on the Soviet delegation

    Stalin expresses dissatisfaction at the lack of accurate Soviet records of conferences; request for full transcripts of speeches of all delegations.

  • October 15, 1945

    L. Beria to Cde. V.M. Molotov

    Beria writes that Osman Batur does not intend to recognize the East Turkestan Republic. Instead, Osman will create an independent state in Altai, in part due to the support of Choibalsan.

  • October 18, 1945

    Directive of Soviet delegation on the first session of the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations

    Draft decree and list of delegates by the Council of People's Commissars on the USSR's joining the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations.

  • October 19, 1945

    Telegram from Molotov, Beria, Malenkov and Mikoyan to Stalin

    Recognition of the provisional government of Austria following the expansion of its authority to all of Austria.

  • October 21, 1945

    Message from Bagirov and Maslennikov to Beria on Arming the Autonomous Movement in Iranian Azerbaijan

    A memo to Beria about helping the autonomous movement in Iranian Azerbaijan. It details both missions and operatives.

  • October 24, 1945

    Memorandum of a Conversation between W.A. Harriman and Stalin

    W.A. Harriman and Stalin discuss post-war peace treaties and discuss who will be invited to participate in negotiations in the European war.

  • October 26, 1945

    Defense Ministry Intelligence Report on the Domestic Political Situation in Bulgaria

    A Defense Ministry intelligence report on the domestic political developments for the month of September, 1945. The report presents the activities of the Fatherland Front government, the efforts of the opposition to discredit Fatherland Front’s policies; the acts of industrial sabotage of armed resistance groups; the work of foreign propaganda and the latest incidents in the armed forces.

  • October 30, 1945

    Telegram from Molotov to Stalin

    Draft reply to Malinovsky concerning Soviet troops in Manchuria, including instructions to avoid responsibilities for the security of Manchuria; allow the Chinese government's representatives to land at Huludao and Yingkou; allow the Chinese planes to land at Fengtian and Changchun

  • October 31, 1945

    Telegram from Beria and Malenkov to Stalin

    Request for Stalin's opinion about the nomination of several candidates for the People’s Commissar of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

  • October 31, 1945

    Message to Bagirov on a Visit to Southern Azerbaijan

    A letter to Bagirov detailing a 10-day Soviet visit to Iranian Azerbaijan reporting on the progress of organizing the Azerbaijan Democratic Party.

  • November 01, 1945

    The Kidnapping of Khairi al Ka’ki

    Short document with details of Khari al-Ka'ki's kidnapping.

  • November 03, 1945

    Telegram from Cde. Yegnarov and Cde. Langvang to Cde. Beria

    Yegnarov forwards to Stalin a letter from Alihan Tore Shakirjan, in which he describes Chinese oppression of the people in Eastern Turkestan and requests Soviet assistance with their "revolutionary struggle."

  • November 14, 1945

    Meeting of J.V. Stalin with V. Gomulka and G. Mintz Regarding the Situation in Poland

    Stalin advises Polish officials Gomulka and Mintz on the political and economic situation in Poland.

  • November 14, 1945

    Gomulka’s Memorandum of a Conversation with Stalin

    Stalin and Gomulka discuss Polish political structure, domestic policy, and foreign relations.

  • November 20, 1945

    Telegram from Baku to Moscow, 'Additional Information Received from Tabriz'

    Telegram to top Soviet officials discussing Iranian troop operations against Azerbaijani partisans, both of which are asking the Soviets for assistance. States that orders have been given for Soviet forces to act against Iranian ones only under extreme necessity.

  • November 21, 1945

    Telegram from Baku to Moscow, 'The Situation in Iranian Azerbaijan'

    Telegram to top Soviet officials that describes the opening of the Azerbaijani National Assembly in Tabriz. Also notes that Azerbaijani partisans are now on the defensive, having overcome most of the landowners and gendarmerie units in the area. Indicates that partisans have begun to rely partially on Soviet support.