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  • August 19, 1949

    French Coup d’Etat against Lebanon

    The Journalist Informer meets with an Israeli agent to discuss the military coup in Syria and the French coup attempt in Lebanon.

  • September 08, 1949

    Request for Names of Party Members

    An urgent request for the names of members of influential parties and blocs operating in Lebanon.

  • September 15, 1949

    Accusation against Members of the Parti Populaire

    Report on accusations against 2 Palestinians who are involved in the PPS.

  • October 28, 1949

    M. Maksimov, 'The National Front in Iran'

    Memorandum describing the "National Front" movement in Iran. Notes that one of the organizers, Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh, is anti-USSR and should be opposed. Also asserts that the pro-Great Britain tendencies of other members of the movement indicate that it is receiving support from the British.

  • November 01, 1949

    Letter of Recommendation from Bishop Mubarak

    Letter of recommendation from Bishop Mubarak to Farid Chehab for a member of the Maronite community.

  • November 19, 1949

    Activities of the Lebanese Communist Party

    List of publications, meetings, strikes, and other activities by the Communist Party of Lebanon in 1946.

  • November 19, 1949

    Untitled report on the activities of the Lebanese Communist Party

    History of the Lebanese Communist Party and a description of major events which took place during 1945.

  • December 20, 1949

    A Jordanian Medal for Prince Farid

    Farid Chehab receives the Independence Medal from King 'Abd Allāh of Jordan.

  • December 30, 1949

    Plan for a Coup in Syria

    Short report on a plan to carry out another military coup in Syria.