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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • May 23, 1986

    Information about a Meeting of Comrade Erich Honecker with Comrade Song Jian, on 20 May 1986

    Erich Honecker and Song Jian discuss increased cooperation between China and East Germany on matters of science and technology, and recent technological improvements in East Germany. Honecker also provides the East German perspective on the current nuclear situation.

  • May 27, 1986

    Ministry for Science and Technology, 'Report about a Visit by the State Commissar and Director of the State Science and Technology Commission of the PR China, Comrade Song Jian, in the GDR between 18 and 25 May 1986'

    Song Jian visited the GDR to discuss science and technological exchanges between East Germany and China.

  • June 25, 1986

    Antonio Rubbi, 'Note for Comrades: Natta, Napolitano, Pajetta, Bufalini, and the Secretariat'

    Introduced by a cover letter by Antonio Rubbi dated June 25, 1986, this document is a report on the meeting between Raffaello De Brasi and Hu Yaobang. The issues covered include the Chinese internal situation, Chinese relations with the USSR and other socialist countries and in particular disarmament, and relations between China and the West.

  • August 30, 1986

    Letter to Comrades Natta, Napolitano, Rubbi

    A summary of political information gathered from Italian Communist Party's delegation to China on international relations, reforms and economic situation, and ideological and cultural positions of China.

  • September 05, 1986

    Theses for the talks of First Secretary Wojciech Jaruzelski with Deng Xiaoping

    Key points are provided for several major topics considered likely to be addressed during the talks of Deng Xiaoping and Wojciech Jaruzelski. Most notable are comments about the direction of Polish foreign policy and the Polish views of Chinese foreign policy.

  • September 09, 1986

    Zdzislaw Kucharski, 'Note regarding the Establishment of the China Studies Institute in Warsaw'

    The author proposes an institute in Poland which would study contemporary China, due to the rising importance of China on the international arena. Proposed departments would include: ideological and political analysis; economic analysis; sociology and culture; documentation and library.

  • September 15, 1986

    The Politically Difficult Topics in Poland’s Relations with the PRC

    Prep notes for an upcoming visit of Wojciech Jaruzelski to China. The Polish delegation wants for all socialist countries to develop contacts and cooperation with the PRC.

  • September 30, 1986

    Memorandum, 'Re: Information Related to China'

    Zhu Rongji describes China's economic reforms and cooperation between the PRC and Hungary in furthering the reform process.

  • October 24, 1986

    CPSU Memorandum

    Sino-Soviet relations and the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan are discussed.

  • November 06, 1986

    Czechoslovak Translation of the Soviet Report on the Ninth Round of Soviet-Chinese Consultations in Moscow

    This report summarizes the October 1986 Sino-Soviet consultations, with emphasis on the Soviet determination to improve mutual relations. At the same time, the Soviet Union declines to pressure Vietnam to withdraw from Cambodia. The Chinese delegation is prepared to normalize political and economic cooperation, but does not propose concrete measures. The authors speculate that this is due to Soviet Union's interference in Asian political affairs.

  • November 08, 1986

    The Secret Parts of General Secretary Hu’s Statements

    General Secretary Hu discusses China's influence in the Korean Peninsula, the upcoming 13th Congress, better relations with Japan, and the Japanese Prime Minister's interest in allowing Chinese-Japanese flights over of the Korean Peninsula.

  • November 08, 1986

    Cable No. 3028, Foreign Minister to Ambassador Nakae, 'The Prime Minister’s Visit to China (The Meeting with Chairman Deng - Views on Marxism)'

    This cable provides an assessment of Chairman Deng focusing on this past successes and what he might do before he retires.

  • November 08, 1986

    Speech of Secretary General Hu Yaobang at Banquet to Welcome Prime Minister Nakasone

    Friendly speech about the historic and current Sino-Japanese relationship.

  • November 08, 1986

    Summary of Prime Minister Nakasone's Visit to China (Part 1) (Discussion with General Secretary Hu Yaobang)

    The meeting reaffirms the relationship between Japan and China as well as laying out points of interest for future actions in Asia.

  • November 09, 1986

    Cable No. 3752, Ambassador Nakae to the Foreign Minister, 'The Prime Minister’s Visit to China (Meeting with General Secretary Hu - Domestic Issues)'

    Ambassador Nakae reports Hu Yaobang's brief comments on China's political and economic situation.

  • November 09, 1986

    Cable No. 3755, Ambassador Nakae to the Foreign Minister, 'The Prime Minister’s Visit to China (Meeting with General Secretary Hu - Domestic Issues)'

    Hu Yaobang briefs Nakasone on expected upcoming leadership changes within the Chinese Communist Party.

  • November 09, 1986

    Cable No. 3770, Ambassador Nakae to the Foreign Minister, 'The Prime Minister’s Visit to China (Meeting with Premier Zhao)'

    An outline of the discussions held between Zhao Ziyang and Nakasone Yasuhiro.

  • November 09, 1986

    Cable No. 3775, Ambassador Nakae to the Foreign Minister, 'The Prime Minister’s Visit to China (Meeting with Premier Zhao - Petition for Commerce and Industry Club)'

    Prime Minister Nakasone brings up points of Chinese taxation on Japanese industrialists and Japanese schools in China.

  • November 09, 1986

    Meeting with Premier Zhao Ziyang (Notice)

    Zhao and Nakasone discuss economic relations between China and Japan.

  • November 09, 1986

    Cable No. 3776, Ambassador Nakae to the Foreign Minister, 'The Prime Minister’s Visit to China (Relations between China and Philippines)'

    Ambassador Nakae relays Hu Yaobang's remarks on China's relations with the Philippines.