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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • February 07, 1969

    Secret Note from the Italian Embassy in Paris to Rome

    Via the Italian Embassy in Paris, the Chinese Government indicates that it is willing to establish diplomatic relations with Italy as long as three general principles are adhered to.

  • February 07, 1969

    Handwritten Note from the Minister of Foreign Affairs

    In response to a note from the Chinese Embassy in Paris, Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs Pietro Nenni acknowledges that there is only China.

  • February 18, 1969

    Hungarian Politburo Minutes of the meeting of the Political Committee on 18 February 1969

    One of the main agenda items during this meeting was a discussion of the China question and a recent memorandum on the issue. It is debated whether the memorandum embellishes the isolation of Mao and his group, both internally and internationally. Participants also make predictions of how the situation in China will likely develop.

  • March 01, 1969

    Polish-Soviet Talks in Moscow

    Gomulka and Brezhnev discuss Sino-Soviet border skirmishes. Brezhnev claims the Chinese are preparing for their Congress and trying to "cement the moods of enmity toward the USSR." They also discuss the possibility of improved Sino-American ties.

  • March 02, 1969

    Soviet Report to East German Leadership on Sino-Soviet Border Clashes

    Soviet report summarizing Sino-Soviet military clashes along the border and the island of Damansky.

  • March 11, 1969

    Embassy of the GDR in the PRC, 'Note about the Inaugural Visit of Comrade Ambassador [Gustav] Hertzfeldtt with the Acting Ambassador of the USSR in the PR China, Comrade Yelisavetin, on 10 March 1969'

    Notes on acting Ambassador of the USSR in the People’s Republic of China Alexei Yalisavetin’s remarks to German Democratic Republic Ambassador Gustav Hertzfeldtt about what he viewed as China’s troubling anti-Sovietism as well as the PRC’s attempt at rapprochement with America and West Germany. Yalisavetin also discussed the eventuality of Mao Zedong’s death and named Lin Biao, Zhou Enlai, and Yao Wenyuan as likely successors.

  • March 15, 1969

    Mao Zedong's Talk at a Meeting of the Central Cultural Revolution Group (Excerpt)

    Mao Zedong claimed that the whole country should be prepared against the Soviet Union's invasion.

  • March 17, 1969

    Record of Conversation between N.G. Sudarikov and Kim Il Sung, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea

    Kim Il Sung discusses an armed clash with Americans in the demilitarized zone and an incident in the Korean-Chinese border. He discusses Sino-Korean relations thoroughly as well.

  • March 22, 1969

    Zhou Enlai's Report to Mao Zedong and Mao's Comments

  • March 24, 1969

    Col. Mieczysław Białek, 'Record of Conversation with RSR Military Attaché Office'

    The Romanian military attaché discusses the Sino-Soviet border conflict and the state of Sino-North Korean relations. The Polish attaché describes Romania as being "under a considerable Chinese influence.

  • March 28, 1969

    Far East Department of the USSR Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 'The Domestic Situation and the Foreign Policy of the Korean People's Democratic Republic'(Regarding political report and other information materials of Soviet embassy in DPRK in 1968)

    The document discusses the DPRK's difficult economic situation and several changes in the political system, such as a new ideology "Juche" and shifts in the high command in parties. It also examines international politics of DPRK with China, Japan, and the Soviet Union.

  • April 01, 1969

    Mao Zedong's Addition to Lin Biao's Political Report at the Party's Ninth Congress, April 1969

  • April 01, 1969

    Embassy of the GDR in the PRC, 'Note about a Working Breakfast of the Ambassadors and Acting Ambassadors of the Fraternal Countries on 28 March 1969 in the Bulgarian Embassy'

    Notes on a meeting between the Ambassadors to China of the Soviet Union, the German Democratic Republic, Hungary, the Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Mongolia, and Poland, in which they discussed a border incident at the Ussuri River, among other recent developments in China.

  • April 02, 1969

    Telegram to East German Foreign Ministry from Ambassador to China

    East German Ambassador Oskar Fischer reports on Soviet attempts to meet with Mao or Zhou Enlai about the on-going Sino-Soviet border dispute.

  • April 03, 1969

    Report, Zhou Enlai to Mao Zedong and Lin Biao, 3 April 1969

  • April 11, 1969

    Letter, UNCURK Principal Secretary Kuzbari to UN Chef de Cabinet Narasimhan

    Principal Secretary of the United Nations Commission for the Unification and Rehabilition of Korea Zouheir Kuzbari writes to Chef de Cabinet of the United Nations C.V. Narasimhan a letter concerning a vote of no-confidence against Education Minister Oh Byong Kwon and its implications for President Park Chung Hee, the United Nations Command's rejected proposal to North Korea about reducing tensions in the DMZ, and adminsitrative information about the UNCURK Committee.

  • April 14, 1969

    Record of a Conversation with Kim Il Sung, General Secretary of the KWP CC and Chairman of the DPRK Cabinet of Ministers

    Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev sought the help of Kim Il Sung in influencing China, which was in a border dispute with the Soviet Union. Requesting that they "exercise political influence on Peking."

  • April 16, 1969

    Record of Conversation between N.G. Sudarikov and Heo Dam, the leader of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of DPRK

    Heo Dam reports on the DPRK's recent shootdown of an American plane which violated North Korean air space.

  • April 16, 1969

    From the Journal of N.G. Sudarikov, 'Record of a Conversation with Pak Seong-cheol, Member of the KWP CC Politburo, Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers, and DPRK Minister of Foreign Affairs'

    Sudarikov updates Pak Seong-cheol on the US and South Korean reactions following the shootdown of the American airplane. Pak Seong-cheol says that the DPRK should not forgive this imperialistic enemy.

  • April 19, 1969

    Letter, UN Chef de Cabinet C.V. Narasimhan to Mr. Jean Gazarian, Concerning UNCURK Report

    Chef de Cabinet of the United Nations writes to Mr. Jean Gazarian in acknowledgement of his receipt of the 25 August 1968 to 19 April Report of UNCURK and Principal Secretary of the United Nations Commission for the Unification and Rehabilitation of Korea Zouheir Kuzbari's letter. Kuzbari's letter concerns the ROK's and UNCURK's reaction to the shooting down of U.S. reconnaissance plane by North Koreans.