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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • June 04, 1958

    Journal of Soviet Ambassador in the DPRK A. M. Puzanov for 4 June 1958

    Surina agrees with Puzanov that the KWP CC is strengthening the solidarity and unity of Party ranks on the basis of Marxism-Leninism but is concerned that senior North Korean officials do not study the Russian language.

  • June 05, 1958

    Report, Peng Dehuai to Mao Zedong and the CCP Central Committee (Excerpt)

    Chinese Minister of Defense, Peng Dehuai, reports that the Soviet Union requests Chinese-Soviet cooperation in establishing long-wave radio stations in China. Soviet experts are permitted to visit China to perform technical work.

  • June 07, 1958

    Remarks, Mao Zedong, Concerning the Soviet Request on Establishing a Special Long-wave Radio Station in China

    Mao comments on the financial responsibility of China to cover the cost of constructing a long-wave radio station, built in collaboration with the Soviets.

  • June 08, 1958

    Request for Information about a Detainee

  • June 08, 1958

    Journal of Soviet Ambassador in the DPRK A. M. Puzanov for 8 June 1958

    Puzanov learns about North Korea's involvement in COMECON and the agricultural situation in Jagang and South Hwanghae Provinces.

  • June 09, 1958

    Journal of Soviet Ambassador in the DPRK A. M. Puzanov for 9 June 1958

    Puzanov reports on his attendance at a session of the Supreme People's Assembly.

  • June 11, 1958

    Journal of Soviet Ambassador in the DPRK A. M. Puzanov for 11 June 1958

    Puzanov reports on North Korea's Five-Year Plan, Nam Il's request for medicine to treat animals, the tenth anniversary of the DPRK's founding, and North Korea's participation in a congress of the Czechoslovak Communist Party.

  • June 13, 1958

    Record of a Detainee's Interrogation

  • June 13, 1958

    Security Report

  • June 13, 1958

    Committee to Accompany the International Observers

  • June 13, 1958

    Letter, Akhtar Hussein to Comrade Mukhitdinov

    Ambassador Akhtar Hussein reports on his visit to Uzbekistan and other republics.

  • June 15, 1958

    Gray Broadcasting Operations

    Attachments to a letter from Allen Dulles to President Eisenhower define “gray broadcasting” and summarize Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty operations.

  • June 16, 1958

    Security Report

  • June 17, 1958

    Untitled report on Soviet-Egyptian relations

    Account of Syrian Army meetings to discuss responses to Lebanon and the deployment of foreign troops.

  • June 17, 1958

    From the Journal of M.S. Kapitsa, Record of Conversation with Counselor of the DPRK Embassy in Moscow Cde. Pak Deok-hwan

    Pak Deok-hwan and M.S. Kapitsa review Soviet strategies to discuss the Korean issue at the 13th United Nations General Assembly. Kapitsa also informs Pak of the repatriation of ethnic Koreans from the Soviet Union to the DPRK.

  • June 18, 1958

    Ahmad al As'ad in Syria

  • June 18, 1958

    A Report from Iwankow Boleslaw, Attache of the PRL Embassy, on the Five-Year Plan in North Korea

    A report featuring detailed statistics and information on North Korea's Five-Year Plan.

  • June 19, 1958

    Security Report

  • June 21, 1958

    Address by Mao Zedong to the Enlarged Meeting of the Central Military Commission (Excerpt)

    Mao addresses the Central Military Commission to report on China's steel production, which he believes will surpass the Soviet Union's capability in seven years and the United States' in ten. He also makes it known that China will build "atom bombs, hydrogen bombs and inter-continental missiles," and believes this can be done in as few as ten years.

  • June 23, 1958

    Security Information