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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • December 09, 1960

    CIA View of Warsaw Embassy Critique of Radio Free Europe

    Cord Meyer forwards Ambassador Beam’s criticism of RFE to Allen Dulles and calls for more American control over the RFE Polish Service

  • November 27, 1961

    Bureau of the Budget Review of CIA Funding Levels for Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty

    An interagency group convened by the Bureau of the Budget concludes that RFE and RL funding should continue at current levels, that continuous evaluation of programs is needed, and that European co-funding should be explored

  • April 05, 1962

    Reprise of Radio Free Europe and the Hungarian Revolution

    Cord Meyer reviews the history for DCI John A. McCone

  • August 22, 1968

    CIA-State Consultations on Czechoslovak Crisis

    Consulted by Cord Meyer, Deputy Undersecretary of State Charles Bohlen approves RFE’s cautious approach to covering the Soviet invasion and also agrees to use of RL transmitters to reach Soviet troops in Czechoslovakia