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  • May 19, 1987

    Letter from NATO's Secretary General Lord Carrington to Minister of Foreign Affairs Andreotti

    Both Guidi and Carrington share the concern that NATO's High-level Task Force has come to a deadlock in regard to conventional disarmament. Carrington advocates for direct involvement at the ministerial level to end the standstill.

  • April 12, 1988

    Letter by Permanent Representative to NATO Fulci to Minister of Foreign Affairs Andreotti

    Italy's permanent representative to NATO, Fulci, informs Andreotti about the developments in the plans to move F 16 from the Spanish base of Torrejon to Italy.

  • June 27, 1989

    Letter from NATO Deputy General Secretary Marcello Guidi to Minister Andreotti

    NATO's Deputy Secretary General Marcello Guidi writes to Foreign Minister Andreotti at the end of his term volunteering his rather optimistic views on the developments in East-West relations and NATO during the past three years. Key topics include disarmament, the German question, and the future role of NATO.

  • June 15, 1990

    Letter from Prime Minister Andreotti to NATO Secretary General Woerner

    The telegram includes a transcript of Andreotti's letter to NATO's Secretary General Woerner. In the light of the rapidly changing international system Andreotti emphasizes the necessity to bring NATO up to date to meet the new circumstances and to guarantee adequate defense moving forward.

  • August 21, 1990

    Letter from US President Bush to Prime Minister Andreotti

    An exchange of views between Bush and Andreotti in preparation for the NATO Summit in London and the final declaration.