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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • June 30, 1951

    Ciphered telegram, Filippov (Stalin) to Mao Zedong

    Telegram from Stalin to Mao advising how to reply to the American request for armistice negotiations.

  • July 30, 1951

    Telegram from Gromyko to Poskrebyshevu, Relaying a Letter from Kim Il Sung in Stalin's Name

    Kim Il Sung's letter states that DPRK has begun the shipment of lead, lead ore, and lead concentrate to the Soviet Union.

  • September 01, 1951

    Report from the Embassy of the Polish Republic in Korea for the Period of July through August 1951

    Deperasinski reports on intensified bombings in Pyongyang, agriculture, women, education, as well as the activities of the Polish Embassy in Korea.

  • July 16, 1952

    Ciphered telegram, Kim Il Sung to Stalin via Razuvaev

    Telegram from Kim Il Sung to Stalin stating the current situation of the armistice talks and the pressure which is being exerted upon North Korea by uninhibited American air power. He makes a request for additional anti-aircraft support from the Soviet Union and China, which he believes will lead to a more advantageous bargaining position at the negotiating table.

  • February 22, 1953

    Note from the Embassy of the Polish Republic in Korea

    The Polish embassy reports on enemy air raids against North Korea during February 1953.

  • March 04, 1953

    Report, Legation of Hungary in North Korea to the Hungarian Foreign Ministry

    Detailed report from Minister Károly Pásztor on his meeting with Kim Il Sung on 17 February 1953.

  • June 05, 1953

    Report from a Conference Organized by the Government of the DPRK on the Issue of Implementing the Plan of Reconstruction for Pyongyang

    A Polish Embassy report detailing reconstruction plans for Pyongyang.

  • August 26, 1954

    Report to Comrade Minister Simion Bughici from the Romanian Embassy in Pyongyang to the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, August 26, 1954, 10.039/954

    The Romanian Embassy to Pyongyang's report on the problems of moving the embassy to downtown Pyongyang.

  • August 28, 1954

    Report from the Romanian Embassy in Pyongyang to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Second Division Liaison, August 28th 1954, 533/5

    In a report to the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tatu speaks about his conversations with Kim Il Sung. Topics range from currency in North Korea and the industrial development to the condition of hospitals and the care of Korean orphans. Also discussed are the ambassador's return visits to Bucharest, where the question of moving the Soviet embassy to Pyongyang is mentioned.

  • December 20, 1954

    Memo from I. Byakov to the Charge d'Affaires of the Soviet Embassy in the DPRK

    Byakov and Petrov discuss inter-Korean relations immediately after the Korean War regarding resettlement, relocation of citizens near the demilitarized zones, and declaration of Pyongyang and Kaesong as high-security cities.

  • February 12, 1955

    Liaison Report from the Romanian Embassy in Pyongyang to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, February 12th 1955, 550/55

    In a report to the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Romanian Ambassador to North Korea describes his travels to Pyongyang and his discussions with Kim Il Sung and various other North Korean politicians about the current economic conditions in North Korea, as well as reconstruction efforts in Mukden (Shenyang) and Andong (Dandong).

  • September 18, 1956

    Conversation records between Chairman Mao Zedong and the Soviet Communist Party Delegation, 18 September 1956

    Mao Zedong and the Soviet Community Party Delegation exchanged views on Korean issues and a potential visit by Kim Il Sung to the PRC.

  • October 15, 1956

    Communist Party of the Soviet Union Central Committee Report on 8 October Conversation between Ambassador Ivanov and Kim Il Sung

    Report on Kim Il Sung's rejection to publish the text of the decree of the KWP CC Plenum in its entirety. CPSU CC agrees with Ambassador Ivanov's suggestion to familiarize the Chinese ambassador in the DPRK with the contents.

  • November 05, 1956

    Report about an Excursion to Geumgangsan (Diamond Mountains)

    A report on the excursion to Geumgangsan of a delegation of the Soviets and East Germans.

  • November 28, 1956

    Letter Fischer to Florin, North Korean Ambassador to the Soviet Union

    Fisher informs Florin about personnel changes in North Korean Embassy in Soviet Union.

  • May 29, 1957

    Journal of Soviet Ambassador to the DPRK A.M. Puzanov for 29 May 1957

    Kim Il Sung requests technical assistance from the Soviet Unions for currency reforms in DPRK. He and Puzanov then discuss plans for elections in North Korea, DPRK agricultural and fishing conditions, progress in construction, and the exchange of delegations between the two countries. Later, Puzanov meets with the PRC Ambassador to the DPRK, Qiao Xiaoguang. They discuss the potential American bid to legalize weapons deliveries to South Korea as well as USSR and PRC consultation for the DPRK five-year plan.

  • June 08, 1957

    Journal of Soviet Ambassador to the DPRK A.M. Puzanov for 8 June 1957

    Kim Il Sung tells Puzanov that the North Korean delegation to Moscow seeks consultation for the first DPRK five-year plan and the development of economic ties between the DPRK and the USSR. He states the expected North Korean production increases in agriculture, industry, consumer goods, capital investment, and export goods. Kim Il Sung also articulates the intended goals of the first five-year plan.

  • August 20, 1957

    Journal of Soviet Ambassador to the DPRK A.M. Puzanov for 20 August 1957

    Puzanov visits the construction site of a furniture factory built with USSR aid and comments on its production capacity and shortcomings. He also informs PRC Ambassador Qiao Xiaoguang of Soviet feedback on the DPRK's draft five-year plan and the internal political situation of the KWP leadership.

  • December 04, 1957

    Journal of Soviet Ambassador to the DPRK A.M. Puzanov for 4 December 1957

    Pak Ui-wan relays Kim Il Sung's report that is to announced in the KWP CC Plenum and Kim Il Sung's positive review of the meetings at Moscow.

  • May 05, 1958

    Journal of Soviet Ambassador in the DPRK A. M. Puzanov for 5 May 1958

    Soviet Ambassador Puzanov reports on preparations for a Soviet industrial and agricultural exhibit in Pyongyang at North Korea's request.