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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • April 09, 1960

    Information from Romania on Turkish Intelligence Interests Towards Bulgaria

  • November 01, 1960

    Results of Joint KGB / Bulgarian State Security Operation on Greek Emigration in Bulgaria

  • November 01, 1960

    Letter from Gen. G. Tzankov to A. Shelepin Regarding Conference in Vienna of US Consuls in Eastern Europe

    The Bulgarian Minister of Internal Affairs informs the Soviet State Security Committee Chief about a forthcoming meeting in Vienna where US officials will discuss consular issues

  • November 21, 1960

    Foreign Counterintelligence Bulletin No. 56 on Agent-Operational Activities

  • December 01, 1960

    Information from Gen. B. Dumkov Regarding the New Structure of US Military Intelligence

  • 1961

    Intelligence Report on Counterintelligence Interactions with Great Britain and Israel

    A report on the progress of agent recruitment.

  • January 01, 1961

    Letter from Gen. G. Tzankov to A. Shelepin Regarding Acquired Materials from the US Mission in Sofia

  • January 11, 1961

    Information from MVR Inspectorate on Yugoslav Intelligence Services Against Bulgaria

    The Ministry of Internal Affairs reports its intelligence findings on the activities of the Yugoslav intelligence services against Bulgaria. Working both from home and in-country, the Yugoslav intelligence is allegedly trying to gather information on a broad set of issues – ranging from trade relations within Comecon, to Bulgaria’s military capacity and its potential to pose a threat to Yugoslav Macedonia.

  • February 11, 1961

    Letter from Intelligence Chief, Gen. I. Krastev, to the Defense Ministry with Descriptions of Acquired US Military Documentation

  • September 05, 1961

    Ministry of the Interior Bulletin on Anti-Bulgarian Activity of Greece and Turkey

    The Ministry of Internal Affairs reports its intelligence findings on the military cooperation between the US, Greece and Turkey.

  • September 29, 1961

    Task for Investigation of an Individual, Residing in Poland

  • October 13, 1961

    Report from Gen. B. Dumkov on Completion of Operation "Pine-tree"

  • March 07, 1962

    Report from Gen. V. Terziev on Military Counterintelligence Services Meeting in Warsaw

  • August 28, 1962

    Letter from Solakov to Warsaw Proposing Collaborative Agent-Operational Activities in Varna

  • December 14, 1962

    Bulgarian Minister of Internal Affairs to Deputy Minister of Defense, Information Report on Military Actions in West Germany during Cuban Missile Crisis (excerpt)

    Following the Cuban Missile Crisis, General Diko Dikov, the Minister of Internal Affairs, drafted a report for General Semerdzhiev covering military movements inside West Germany(Federal Republic of Germany). Dikov includes a brief description of NATO and English military mobilization along with civilian preparations influenced by propaganda during the crisis.

  • 1963

    Agreement for Cooperation between Bulgarian and Romanian Ministries of the Interior

    The agreement specifies the bilateral cooperation in the intelligence field.

  • February 06, 1963

    Information on Data, Received from Greek and Turkish Legations

  • March 19, 1963

    Information-Analysis of the Data from Italian Intelligence Services

  • July 05, 1963

    Bulgarian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Information Report on NATO

    On 5 July 1963 the Bulgarian Ministry of Internal Affairs completed an information report on NATO's activity during the Cuban Missile Crisis. In the report, the ministry outlines detailed espionage carried out by NATO agents. According to the report, the NATO Military Intelligence Services provided instructions for NATO member-states' military attaches stationed in Warsaw Pact countries and agents they could get to cooperate with them. Agents were to observe and report specific military intelligence collecting in Warsaw Pact countries -- arms deliveries, missile sites, military movements, etc. The report also includes explanation of how the attaches carried out their intelligence gathering -- reading official press, speaking in Russian and misrepresenting themselves as Russian, etc . The Bulgarian Interior Ministry notes that Western governments were well-informed of Bulgarian military structures -- including exact formations and secret designations.

  • December 31, 1963

    Excerpts from the Prosecutor's Act and the Verdict Against Ivan-Assen Georgiev