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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • May 03, 1958

    Deputy Minister Winiewicz, 'Record of Conversation with US Ambassador on May 3, 1958'

    Deputy Minister Winiewicz recounts his conversation with Ambassador Beam, in which Winiewicz replies to the American note concerning the Rapacki Plan by asserting the Polish intention to continue pursuing the Plan. Beam assures Winiewicz of the American interest in positive relations with Poland.

  • May 06, 1958

    Department III Deputy Director Lewandowski, 'File Note regarding the British Position regarding the Rapacki Plan'

    Małcużyński, Counselor of the Polish Embassy in London, reports on the current attitude in Britain towards the Rapacki Plan. After conversations with FO officials, reporters, and journalists, he concludes that Great Britain intends to influence NATO members on behalf of the Rapacki Plan, and that some changes will need to be made to the Plan, especially in light of the status of the FRG.

  • May 07, 1958

    Code Message No. 4802 from Deputy Minister Winiewicz to Michałowski (New York) and Milnikiel (London)

    Deputy Minister Winiewicz writes to Michałowski and Milnikiel to inform them of further diplomatic instructions regarding the Rapacki Plan. He has advised ambassadors that the negative American reply does not mean the Plan will halt, and that other foreign representatives should be encouraged to submit perceived problems with the Plan to Poland.

  • May 09, 1958

    Memorandum of Conversation with Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PRC Zhang Wentian

    Record of conversation between S.F. Antonov and Zhang Wentian, regarding Chinese plans to influence Japanese politics. Additionally, Zhang comments on the close relationship between Poland and Yugoslavia.

  • May 17, 1958

    A. Rapacki, 'Record of Conversation with the Ambassador of Great Britain, on May 17, 1958'

    Record of a conversation during which British Ambassador Berthoud presents Rapacki with a British note in response to the Polish memo on the Rapacki Plan.

  • June 02, 1958

    Voice of America and Radio Free Europe Polish Broadcasts Reviewed

    Minutes of a Committee on Radio Broadcasting Policy meeting on April 17, 1958, focused on State Department criticisms of RFE broadcasts to Poland

  • June 06, 1958

    File Note of Consul General Andrzej Szewiński in Sydney to Department III Dep. Director B. Lewandowski

    Szewiński meets with Cutler and McMillan to discuss Australian opinions on the Rapacki Plan and Australian-Polish relations. Cutler acknowledges the value of the Plan but the necessity of modifications, as well as Australia's tendency not to publicly adopt positions contrary to those of the US and Great Britain.

  • June 27, 1958

    Polish Special Report on German Military Reorganization

    Chief of General Staff Gregorz Korczynski reports on the Bundestag's decision to allow the Bundeswehr to acquire atomic bombs and missiles and describes the appropriate next steps to take.

  • August 06, 1958

    Code Message No. 8226 from Deputy Director Wierna to Mazur (Prague)

    Code Message from Wierna to the Ambassador in Prague discusses the potential effects of raising a campaign for the Rapacki Plan at the UN forum.

  • August 13, 1958

    Deputy Minister Winiewicz, 'Record of Conversation with the Ambassador of Czechoslovaki on the 12th of this Month'

    The ambassador of Czechoslovakia announces his intention to hand in a motion towards the "Peaceful Coexistence of Nations" at the 13th UN session. He and Winiewicz also discuss the recent visit of Stevenson, a representative of the American Democratic Party to Poland.

  • October 10, 1958

    Correspondence Digest No. 12722 from Rome to Comrade Ogrodziński

    The secretary of state of the Austrian Ministory of Foreign Affairs, Kriesky, shares his opinions about the Rapacki Plan. He proposes certain elements, such as extending the nuclear-free zone to include the Scandinavian countries, and the establishment of a control body made up of representatives of the zone member states.

  • October 11, 1958

    File Note of Department IV Director Łobodycz

    Polish Department IV director reports on the opinion of Pitterman, the deputy chancellor of Austria, on the Rapacki Plan. Pittermann recognizes the moral significance of the plan, but finds Hungary's inclusion to be paramount.

  • October 20, 1958

    Code Message No. 11027 from Foreign Minister Rapacki to Milnikiel (London)

    Message from Rapacki to the ambassador in London which lays out the new two-stage proposal for the Rapacki Plan. Rapacki also requests that5 Milnikiel meet with leaders of the Labor Party to gather their opinions on the Plan.

  • October 30, 1958

    Correspondence Digest No. 13691 from New York to Comrade Rapacki

    Deputy minister Winiewicz speaks with British Parliament member Longden about the need for more support for the Rapacki Plan among conservatives, as well as whether any progress on the matter can be achieved at the UN.

  • November 08, 1958

    Code Message No. 11789 from Foreign Minister Rapacki to Naszkowski (Moscow)

    Rapacki reports various reactions from the West to the new version of the Rapacki Plan.

  • November 27, 1958

    Code Message No. 15023 from Ambassador Szymanowski in Stockholm to Birecki

    The ambassador in Sweden reports on a conversation with Unden, the Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs. Sweden has some interest in the Plan in its new form, but not directly. Unden is worried about the FRG posing as an obstacle to the Plan.