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  • November 25, 1964

    Cable 549 from the Department of State to the US Embassies in Argentina, Austria, and Israel

    This cable from the US Department of State expresses concern that the Foreign Office was slow to respond to questions about the Argentine-Israeli deal, particularly with regards to safeguards, and says that the Dept. of State, ACDA, and the AEC were considering more "representations" to Argentina and possibly to Israel.

  • November 30, 1964

    Cable 749 from the US Embassy in Argentina to the Department of State, 'Sale of Uranium to Israel'

    Although the Embassy noted that the Foreign Office's apparent support of safeguards did not necessarily represent the Argentine government's thinking, it concluded that more Argentine dialogue should be allowed before Washington took further representation.

  • December 10, 1964

    From the Diary of A. I. Alekseyev, Record of a Conversation with Argentinian Communist Party CC Secretary, Victorio Cadovilla, 25 November 1964

    Cadovilla informs Alekseyev about a conference of representatives of the Communist parties of Latin America, in which Cadovilla served as chairman. At the conference, each of the representatives discussed the revolutionary movement in their respective countries. Cuban representatives, Castro and Guevara, asked many questions and voiced their opinions regarding the movement, the USSR, China, and Latin American countries' role in the development of the Cuban revolution.