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  • December 13, 1979

    Cable, South Korean Minister of Foreign Affairs to All Overseas Mission Chiefs, 'Emergency Situation (No. 29)'

    A telegram ordering all Overseas Mission Chiefs to report domestic responses of the arrest incident of Army Chief of Staff Jeong Seung-hwa.

  • December 13, 1979

    Special Statement by the Minister of National Defense

    A special statement issued by the Minister of National Defense of South Korea, regarding the investigation of Chief of Staff Jeong Seung-hwa following President Park Chung Hee's assasination.

  • August 04, 1980

    Records of Conversation between Congressman Stephen J. Solarz and Kim Il Sung and Kim Yong-nam

    In this lengthy transcript of discussions between Stephen Solarz and Kim Il Sung, Solarz poses questions about prospects for Korea's unification, exchanges between North and South Korea, and exchanges between North Korea and the U.S. In his response, Kim emphasizes the DPRK's views regarding the necessary preconditions for unification and increased cooperation between the two Koreas. Later, Kim Yong Nam continues to elaborate to Solarz on the North Korean perspective of unification and the role of the international community in perpetrating division.