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  • October 06, 1988

    Meetings between Angola, Cuba, the United States and South Africa, 'Reunión Cuatripartita Angola/Cuba/EEUU/RSA, Nueva York, Octubre 6-9 de 1988'

    Meeting between delegations of Angola, Cuba, South Africa and the United States about the future of Angola and Namibia

  • April 02, 1989

    SWAPO Department of Information and Publicity, Statement on Cease-fire Violations in Namibia, Luanda

    Statement by Angolan authorities on military clashes between South African and SWAPO troops. Argues that South African claims of SWAPO instigation are false and misleading, and that the engagements were initiated by the South African military. Further, states that South Africans have been pursuing an anti-SWAPO political and military campaign, fighting and harassing SWAPO and SWAPO supporters.

  • April 26, 1989

    Letter from the President of South Africa P. W. Botha to the President of Zambia Requesting Pressure on SWAPO to Withdraw Armed Forces from Namibia

    Letter from South African President P. W. Botha to Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda asserting that SWAPO is the aggressor in excalation tensions between SWAPO and South African forces, and that South Africa is responding in measured and restrained ways. Asks for Zambia's assistance in convincing SWAPO to cease hostilities.

  • April 28, 1989

    Joint Press Statement on Namibia

    Press release describing a tripartite meeting between delegations from Angola, South Africa, and Cuba about troop withdrawal from Namibia. South African and SWAPO forces are restricted to their respective bases.

  • April 28, 1989

    Press Release, SWAPO Dismisses South African Charges of Amassing Troops on Angola-Namibia Border

    SWAPO press release dismissing South African claims of instigation of violence as an attempt to influence the United Nations Transition Assistance Group (UNTAG) against SWAPO. SWAPO asserts that South Africa hopes to encourage UNTAG to let South African forces off of their bases so that they can attack SWAPO without reprimand.

  • June 18, 1990

    National Intelligence Daily for Monday, 18 June 1990

    The CIA’s National Intelligence Daily for Monday, 18 June 1990 describes the latest developments in Namibia, Liberia, USSR, Lebanon and Japan.