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  • July 31, 1976

    Agenda of South African Minister of Labor S. P. Botha’s Visit to Israel

    South African Minister of Labor and Mines, S. P. "Fanie" Botha visited Israel in connection with the lifting of safeguards on stockpiled South African yellowcake.

  • August 24, 1977

    Extract from Speech by the South African Prime Minister at Congress of the National Party of Cape Province

    Extract from a speech during which South African Prime Minister Vorster discusses Soviet allegations that South Africa has developed a nuclear bomb.

  • October, 1977

    Letter from South African Prime Minister Vorster to US President Carter on US-South Africa Relations

    South African Prime Minister Vorster denies the existence of a South African nuclear program and lists hostile steps taken by the United States to exclude South Africa from international nuclear and atomic energy groups. He concludes that "it would seem... the United States officially holds the view that stability in Southern Africa and the future of our country is to be sacrificed in the hope of stopping Soviet expansionism."

  • December 28, 1977

    Letter from Forlani to GA

    Remarks by Minister of Foreign Affairs Forlani to Andreotti on negotiations with South Africa for uranium supply and uncertainties in the local political situation. Annex: letter from ENI President Pietro Sette to Forlani on negotiations with private company NUFCOR within the cadre of the Italian nuclear program.

  • May 16, 1979

    Cable from Brazilian Embassy in Bonn to Brasilia, 'Nuclear Energy. Hamburg Congress: South African Program'

    Report of a meeting between an official from the Brazilian Embassy in Bonn and the scientific attaché of the South African Embassy on the occasion of a nuclear congress in Hamburg. The South African official informed the Brazilian diplomat about the advancement of the Pretoria nuclear program with regard to uranium enrichment.

  • May 08, 1981

    Telegram from South African Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Announcement by F.W. de Klerk, Minister of Mineral and Energy Affairs, that SAFARI I Reactor

    South African Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs its missions in Washington, Paris, London, Bonn about an announcement by F.W. De Klerk, Minister of Mineral and Energy Affairs, that under terms agree with the United States and the IAEA, SAFARI I will be operated on locally manufactured fuel.

  • September 27, 1985

    Resolution of the International Atomic Energy Agency General Conference on South Africa’s Nuclear Capabilities

    Alarmed that South Africa may be capable of developing nuclear weapons, the IAEA calls upon South Africa to submit its nuclear facitilies to agency safeguards, and calls upon all IAEA member states to hault nuclear cooperation with South Africa.

  • July 23, 1986

    State Department Cable 229696 to US Embassy France et al., 'Visit of Pakistani Primin Mohammad Khan Junejo to Washington – 15-18 July 1986'

    A State Department Cable detailing the visit of Pakistani Prime Minister Mohammad Khan Junejo to Washington D.C. According to administration officials, Junejo was “astute and well briefed” and professed to be responsive to the U.S. emphasis on the “absolute criticality” of “restraint” in Pakistani nuclear activities. In meetings with the press, Junejo “specifically affirmed” commitment not to enrich uranium above the five percent level.

  • February 15, 1990

    J. W. L. de Villiers, Atomic Energy Corporation of South Africa, 'Phasing Out of the RSA's Nuclear Weapons Capability'

    Proposal to dismantle South Africa's nuclear weapons devices and components with the intention of disguising their production. South Africa would only admit to producing highly enriched uranium, not manufacturing nuclear weapons.

  • September 23, 1993

    Report, Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, 'The Agency’s Verification Activities in South Africa'

    Report by Director General of the IAEA on the Agency’s verification activities in South Africa and the status of the country's abandoned nuclear weapons program. The report includes an overview of the history of the program.