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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • June 30, 1956

    Cable from the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan, 'The Main Themes of Pakistan’s Diplomatic Activities'

    The report claimed that the two main themes of Pakistani diplomatic activities are 1/Winning the support of foreign leaders for its position on the Kashmir issue and 2/Breaking away from its isolated position and resolving its financial difficulties. Pakistani diplomatic stance toward China, the Soviet Union, the United States, Great Britain, France and the Arab League was examined.

  • July 01, 1956

    Egyptian Activities in Lebanon

  • July 03, 1956

    National Security Council, NSC 5608, Draft of “US Policy toward the Soviet Satellites in Eastern Europe”

    Staff draft of NSC 5608, concluding that ferment in the Communist world provides new opportunities to challenge Soviet control. A draft annex called for “encouraging evolutionary change” and defined as tasks of RFE and RL (and other USG-funded media) “avoiding any incitement to premature revolt” while “seeking to maintain faith in the eventual restoration of freedom.” Redacted document 76, FRUS, 1955-1957, XXV, unredacted document 12, Csaba Békés, Malcolm Byrne, and János M. Rainer, The 1956 Hungarian Revolution: A History in Documents (Budapest: Central European University Press, 2002.)

  • July 03, 1956

    Letter, Syngman Rhee to Young Kee Kim

    President Rhee comments on the invitation to Vice President Nixon to visit Korea and recommendations by the Philippines government to the Vice President.

  • July 03, 1956

    Thank You Letter from Georges Shukur

  • July 03, 1956

    Memo Concerning the Azerbaijani Democratic Party and the Situation of Political Immigrants from Iran Living in the Azerbaijan SSR

    A memo concerning the Azerbaijani Democratic Party and the situation of political immigrants from Iran living in the Azerbaijan SSR. It also contains proposals for CC CPSU to improve the situation.

  • July 04, 1956

    Note of Academician I. P. Bardin to N. S. Khrushchev about the Position of Soviet Representatives at a Conference of the Special Committee for the International Geophysical Year

    What Soviet scientists could reveal about Soviet plans when traveling abroad

  • July 05, 1956

    Letter No. 4 from the President (Syngman Rhee) to Minister Duk Shin Choi

    President Rhee applauds Choi Duk Shin's news bulletin efforts and comments on the need to continue to share the story of Korea.

  • July 05, 1956

    Letter, Carlos P. Garcia to Young Kee Kim

    Secretary Garcia passes on the message from President Magsaysay to President Rhee, which expresses appreciation for Rhee's message regarding the 10th Anniversary of Filipino independence.

  • July 06, 1956

    CDS Report No. 8 from Choi Duk Shin to the President (Syngman Rhee)

    Choi Duk Shin reports on his involvement in recent ceremonies as well as his discussion with Vietnamese Secretary of State for Agrarian Reform Ngyuyen Van Thoi about possible Vietnam-Korea trade.

  • July 09, 1956

    Letter, Young Kee Kim to Chung Whan Cho

    Young Kee briefs Minister Cho on the five year immigration agreement between Philippines and Indonesia, press editorials on PI-US relations, and interaction between Athletic Associations in China, Korea, and Philippines.

  • July 09, 1956

    Report No. 88 from Young Kee Kim to Syngman Rhee

    Young Kee Kim briefs President Rhee on Vice President Nixon's visit to Philippines at the 10th Anniversary of the Philippine Independence, upcoming negotiation on PI-US military base, and Minister Kim's conversation with Nixon.

  • July 09, 1956

    Working Notes from the Session of the CPSU CC Presidium on 9 and 12 July 1956

    In their meeting on July 9 and 12, 1956, the CPSU Presidium calls for an article to be prepared on the subversive activities of “imperialists” in Poznan and Hungary. Italian communist, Palmiro Togliatti, is to assist in writing an article in the Italian press. The working notes also refer to the situation developing over the rehabilitation of Hungarian communist, Laszlo Rajk, with a reference to HWP leader Rakosi.

  • July 11, 1956

    Egypt Finances al Najjadah Newspaper

  • July 12, 1956

    Letter No. 4 from Syngman Rhee to Young Kee Kim

    President Rhee comments briefly on Minister Kim's report No.88.

  • July 12, 1956

    Thank You Letter from Saudi Arabia

  • July 13, 1956

    National Security Council Discussion of Policy Toward Eastern Europe

    Senior officials discuss US policy at a National Security Council (NSC) principals' meeting on July 12. Notwithstanding less cautionary views expressed by Vice President Nixon at the NSC discussion, on July 18 President Eisenhower approved a minor modification of the draft (NSC 5608 and the annex) as NSC 5608/1 to serve as a basic statement of U.S. policy (published as redacted document 80, FRUS, 1955-57, XXV ; unredacted document 17, Békés, Byrne, and Rainer, The 1956 Hungarian Revolution).

  • July 13, 1956

    CDS Report No. 9 from Choi Duk Shin to the President (Syngman Rhee)

    Choi Duk Shin reports on Vice President Nixon's visit and his statements in Karachi concerning communism in East Asia, discusses the "Cao Dai" religion in relation to communism, and briefly mentions his visit with French Ambassador Hoppenot.

  • July 13, 1956

    Letter No. 5 from the President (Syngman Rhee) to Minister Duk Shin Choi

    In response to Minister Choi's previous report, President Rhee agrees to discussion on possible Vietnam-Korea trade for insam.

  • July 14, 1956

    Egyptian Intelligence Activities