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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • September 12, 1969

    Letter, Tanzanian Representative Akili B.C. Danieli, Request to Include 'Withdrawal of United States and All Other Foreign Forces Occupying South Korea under the Flag of the United Nations' in the Twenty-fourth General Assembly Session

    Permanent Representative of the United Republic of Tanzania Akili B.C. Danieli requests the inclusion of "Withdrawal of United States and All Other Foreign Forces Occupying South Korea under the Flag of the United Nations" in the Twenty-fourth General Assembly session agenda on behalf of the government of the United Republic of Tanzania.

  • September 17, 1969

    Report to CCP Central Committee, Further Thoughts by Marshal Chen Yi on Sino-American Relations

    Following the report by Chen Yi, Ye Jianying, Nie Rongzhen, and Xu Xiangqian, Chen Yi makes additional recommendations for high-level negotiations to improve Sino-American relations.

  • September 17, 1969

    Report by Four Chinese Marshals, Chen Yi, Ye Jianying, Nie Rongzhen, and Xu Xiangqian, to the Central Committee, 'Our Views about the Current Situation' (Excerpt)

    Four Chinese marshals examine recent Sino-American-Soviet relations. They recommend that China remains firm in negotiating with the two powers, both of which may be looking to strategically exploit China.

  • September 18, 1969

    Letter, Zhou Enlai to Alexei Kosygin

  • September 22, 1969

    Information Report Sent by Khabarovskiy Kray (Territory) Committee to CPSU CC

    Soviet Communist Party officials and activists in the regions bordering the People’s Republic of China respond to the news of Aleksei Kosygin’s 11 September 1969 meeting with Zhou Enlai in Beijing and efforts to defuse the growing rupture with China.

  • September 28, 1969

    Eldrirdge Cleaver's Notes on Korea

    Notes taken by Eldridge Cleaver during his visit to North Korea in September 1969 for the "International Conference on Tasks of Journalists of the Whole World in their Fight against U.S. Imperialist Aggression."

  • September 30, 1969

    Letter no. 428 from Franco Maria Malfatti to Aldo Moro

    Malfatti reports his observations of the Chinese ambassador, who displayed a strong position against the Soviet Union and Taiwan.

  • September 30, 1969

    Letter no. 429 from Franco Maria Malfatti to Aldo Moro

    Malfatti reports on his impression of the prospects of negotiations with the Chinese in regards to establishing diplomatic relations.

  • October 01, 1969

    Mao Zedong's Conversation with North Korean Official Choe Yong-geon (Excerpt), 1 October 1969, at the Tiananmen Gate

    Mao Zedong listed the common sense and common interests that China and North Korea share.

  • October 01, 1969

    Letter from Aldo Moro to Franco Mario Malfatti

    Moro discusses the ongoing negotiations at the UN concerning the recognition of the People's Republic of China.

  • October, 1969

    Polish-Soviet Talks in Moscow

    Excerpts from Polish-Soviet talks that focus on the China question. Brezhnev posits that the Chinese were the source of ideological divergence, and more specifically that their attitude has progressed to anti-Sovietism and anti-communism. Included is a report from a meeting with Zhou Enlai, who in discussing Czechoslovakia said a "process of bourgeoisie transformation and corruption was taking place over there, which is normal for all of the socialist countries." He attributed the cultural revolution with cutting off the roots of corruption in China.

  • October 02, 1969

    Statement of ROK Government Concerning the Korean Question by Foreign Minister Choi Kyu Hah

    On behalf of the government of the Republic of Korea, Minister of Foreign Affairs Choi Kyu Hah reaffirms the ROK's adherence to the purposes and principles of the UN, acceptance of UN authority on the Korean Question, and concern for North Korea's defiance of UN purposes, principles, and authority to the General Assembly of the UN.

  • October 06, 1969

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Note of Asia-Oceania Department, 'Sino-French Relations'

    Following the peak of the Cultural Revolution, the French Foreign Ministry concludes that Sino-French relations "have shown signs of détente, which, in the current context, represents important progress."

  • October 06, 1969

    Notes from a Conversation between Comrade Rakhmanin and Comrade Bruno Mahlow on Chinese Leadership and the Situation in China

    Rakhmanin discusses the topics addressed by Zhou Enlai and Comrade Kosygin in a recent meeting. He highlights such topics of conversation as Chinese/Soviet border lines, propaganda issues, Chinese domestic disturbances and foreign policies issues.

  • October 07, 1969

    UN Press Release, 'UNCURK Releases Report to General Assembly'

    The UN Press Services released a summary of the UNCURK report. The Commission's report concerned the ROK's willingness for unification, UNCURK's inability to make progress on unification due to DPRK lack of adherence to the authority of the United Nations, security situation, and economic development.

  • October 07, 1969

    Zhou Enlai's Talk at a Meeting of the Chinese Delegation Attending the Sino-Soviet Border Negotiation (Excerpt)

  • October 10, 1969

    Memorandum of Conversation of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 'Trade relations with North Korea'

    Recalls a conversation with Heldring of the Netherlands Council for Trade Promotion, during which Heldring said he had received word from the North Koreans that they were willing to sign the proposed agreement even though they kept urging the establishment of a permanent trade mission. Heldring pointed out such a mission had recently been established in Switzerland and similar contacts were ongoing in the Scandinavian countries. The Dutch company VMF had, however, by now changed to a much more cautious position because of its South Korean interests. Heldring was putting of a reciprocal visit to North Korea until he knew the Ministry's position.

  • October 10, 1969

    Telegram Number 1930-33, 'China and the European Socialist Countries'

    Etienne Manac’h reports that although China may soon re-appoint ambassadors to Eastern Europe, officials from Poland and Czechoslovakia are skeptical of China's policies toward their countries.

  • October 13, 1969

    Aide-Memoire: Meeting with Hamdi O. Mouknass

    Hamdi Ould Mouknass praises Zhou Enlai as "a great statesman" and suggests that the People's Republic of China ought to gain entry into the United Nations.

  • October 15, 1969

    Internal Memorandum of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 'Establishment of a North Korean Trade Mission in the Netherlands'

    The director-general of the Department for Foreign Economic Relations advises against the establishment of a North Korean trade mission in the Netherlands: while the volume of trade with the two Koreas is roughly equal, such a mission would do great harm to commercial interests in South Korea, particularly VMF and Shell.