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  • October 21, 1980

    Information about a Communist

    Short document. Information about Hassan Muhaman 'Abdullah, a member of the Lebanese communist party.

  • October 25, 1980

    A Commercial Enterprise Manages the Economic Interests of the Palestine Liberation Organisation in Beirut, in particular Fateh's.

    Fatah and the PLO appoint the African-Arab Contracting Company in Beirut.

  • 1982

    Structure of the Lebanese Communist Party

    Discusses the organization/structure of the Lebanese Communist Party, including size of various branches (in general terms) and frequency of meetings. Includes a list of members of the Lebanese Communist Party between 1973 and 1979.

  • 1983

    The Secret Armenian Army

    Report on the Armenian Secret Army's locations across the Middle East, Europe, and other parts of the globe.

  • March 07, 1983

    The Secret Armenian Army

    Information on two members of the leadership of a secret Armenian Army.

  • June, 2007

    A Directive from the Centre. Folder 79. The Chekist Anthology.

    This 25 April 1974 directive from the Centre is attributed to an author identified as “Sviridov.” It was sent to KGB Line A residencies in Beirut, Cairo, Damascus, Baghdad, Aden, Samaa, and others, and contains instructions for planning “active measures.” “Sviridov” identified a variety of channels through which the KGB could influence Middle Eastern governments, militaries, and political groups, while suppressing anti-Soviet groups. Additionally, the residencies were instructed to plan active measures in advance to prepare for future contingencies. In an explanatory note, Mitrokhin explains that “Sviridov” is a pseudonym for then KGB Chairman Yuriy Andropov, and that Line A is the arm of the KGB concerned with active measures intended to influence foreign countries.