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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • November 06, 1984

    Iván Németh, 'Report for Members of the Political Committee on the China Consultation held in Tihany (Interkit)'

    Summary of annual Interkit meeting to coordinate Soviet bloc analysis of and policy toward China.

  • November 14, 1984

    Protocol resulting from discussions between the Interior Ministry of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic and the KGB of the Soviet Union

    Both parties discuss the detection of and preparation for a surprise nuclear rocket attack by the USA on socialist countries, the intentions of the main hostile countries- the USA, other NATO countries, the People’s Republic of China- and cooperation to fight ideological diversion from hostile countries and emigrant populations. The two also agree to economic, tourism and cultural exchanges.

  • November 29, 1984

    Letter from Fidel Castro to the President of the International Olympic Committee Juan Antonio Samaranch

    Letter from Cuban leader Fidel Castro the President of the International Olympic Committee Juan Antonio Samaranch on the 1988 Seoul Olympics

  • December 04, 1984

    Letter from International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Juan Antonio Samaranch to Fidel Castro

    Letter from Juan Antonio Samaranch, President of the International Olympic Committee, to Cuban leader Fidel Castro on the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul

  • January 04, 1985

    Information from Bulgarian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Peter Mladenov to the Central Committee of the Bulgarian Communist Party

    Bulgarian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Peter Mladenov reports on North Korean Foreign Minister, Kim Yeong-nam's visit and discussion with Todor Zhivkov, concerning North Korea's "South-South" initiative for economic cooperation between developing countries.

  • January 06, 1985

    Letter from the President of British Committee For Supporting Korea’s Reunification to the President of International Olympic Committee (IOC).

    A letter from the British Committee For Supporting Korea's Unification, a pro-DPRK group, urging the IOC to move the 1988 Summer Olympics out of Seoul and to another country.

  • January 25, 1985

    Cable from the Embassy of the Hungarian People's Republic to China, 'Some New Phenomena in the Chinese Pursuit to Differentiate Socialist Countries'

    Review of China's foreign policy and its recent efforts to drive a wedge between the Soviet Union and other socialist countries.

  • January 30, 1985

    Note from the President of International Olympic Committee (IOC) to the President of British Committee For Supporting Korea’s Reunification

    A letter from IOC President Samaranch to the British Committee For Supporting Korea's Unification indicating receipt of their letter and that their request was "duly noted."

  • February 18, 1985

    Note from a Working Meeting of the CC International Department Deputy Heads of Fraternal Parties of Socialist Countries

    The group discussed a CC CPSU study which contained an analysis and assessment of the PRC’s foreign policy and its domestic situation.

  • February 21, 1985

    Géza Kótai, 'Memorandum for Comrade Mátyás Szűrös'

    Summary of an informal Interkit meeting to discuss China's foreign policy and tension with the Soviet Union.

  • February 25, 1985

    Proposal by Bulgarian Foreign Minister Petar Mladenov to the Bulgarian Politburo on Bulgarian Relations with China

    In this proposal to the Politburo of the Bulgarian Communist Party (BCP), Foreign Minister Petar Mladenov recommends an exchange between the directors of the Bulgarian and Chinese planning and development commissions in order to increase trade and economic relations between Bulgaria and China.

  • March 09, 1985

    Report, Embassy of Hungary in North Korea to the Hungarian Foreign Ministry

    The Soviet Union and DPRK enter negotiations to build a nuclear power plant, and "practically reach a preliminary agreement." North Korea views the construction as being a means of increasing economic and political prestige.

  • April 10, 1985

    Antonio Rubbi, 'Note for Comrades: Natta and Pajetta'

    Introduced by a cover letter by Antonio Rubbi dated April 10, 1985, this document is a letter from Siegmund Ginzberg dated March 30, 1985 updating the PCI on the situation in China. The topics covered include a conversation with Hu Yaobang, Natta’s visit, Australia, Vietnam and Cambodia, relations with the USSR, the economy, change in the CCP and the Japanese Communist Party.

  • May 15, 1985

    Czechoslovak Translation of Soviet Report on the Sixth Round of Soviet-Chinese Consultations in Moscow

    This report on Soviet-Chinese consultations in Moscow includes Soviet proposals to improve the relationship with China, including the establishment of a military expert commission on border questions. However, the Chinese delegation insists that the Soviet Union cease supporting Mongolia, Afghanistan, Vietnam, and Cambodia. The author concludes that mutual cooperation has not been substantially improved as a result of the consultations.

  • June 19, 1985

    Statement by Todor Zhivkov on Visit to the DPRK

    General Secretary of the Bulgarian Communist Party, Todor Zhivkov reports on his visit to North Korea, describing discussions with Kim Il Sung on North-South Korean relations and the growing concern of capitalism in China.

  • July 03, 1985

    Letter to the Central Committee of the Bulgarian Communist Party, from the Secretary of the Korean Workers’ Party, Hwang Jang-yeop

    A letter from Secretary of the Central Committee of the Korean Workers' Party, Hwang Jang-yeop, detailing North Korea objections to South Korea hosting the 1988 Olympics and calling for a unified "Korean Olympics."

  • July 16, 1985

    Report by International Olympic Committee Vice President on his Trip to North Korea

    A report from IOC Vice President Kumar regarding his trip to North Korea. He addresses attempts to ease tensions between North Korea and South Korea over the staging of the 1988 Summer Olympics and to determine if the two countries would be able to work together on the event.

  • July 25, 1985

    Interview with Fidel Castro

    A portion of an interview with Fidel Castro by Mervyn Dymally, an American politician, where Castro discusses his view that the 1988 Summer Olympic games in Seoul should be a joint effort between North and South Korea.

  • July 31, 1985

    Letter from the Permanent Mission of the ROK, Geneva to International Olympic Committee President regarding the USSR, Cuba and North Korea’s position on the 1988 Olympics

    A letter to IOC President Samaranch from Ambassador Kun Park regarding the Soviet, Cuban and North Korean governments' positions on the 1988 Summer Olympics.

  • July 31, 1985

    Information Note from the International Olympic Committee (IOC)’s Vice President to the IOC President with a copy of the party manifesto on the 1988 Olympic games by the North Korean Communist Party

    IOC Vice President Kumar provides IOC President Samaranch with a copy of the North Korean Communist Party's manifesto on the 1988 Summer Olympic Games.