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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • December 17, 1963

    Record of the Second Meeting between Premier Zhou Enlai and President Nasser

    Zhou and Nasser discuss developments in and relations with Libya, Tunisia, Israel, Palestine, Morocco, Yemen, and Mauritania, as well as the Non-Aligned Movement and the proposed second Asian-African Conference.

  • December 19, 1963

    Record of the Third Conversation between Premier Zhou Enlai and President Nasser

    Zhou Enlai describes the state of Sino-American relations and Sino-Indian relations. Zhou and Nasser also discuss the Egyptian economy and Sino-Egyptian relations.

  • December 20, 1963

    Record of Premier Zhou Enlai's Calling on President Nasser

    Zhou and Nasser discuss domestic conditions inside of Egypt, the Sino-Indian border war, and the possibilities for a nuclear weapons free zone in Africa and the Middle East.

  • December 26, 1963

    From the Diary of O. T. Darusenkov, Record of a Conversation with Cuban Minister of Industry Ernesto Guevara, 20 December 1963

    Guevara reports on the improving economic development of Cuba. Guevara and Darusenkov briefly discuss misunderstandings about the Chinese and Cuban-Soviet foreign relations.

  • December 30, 1963

    Report, Embassy of Hungary in North Korea to the Hungarian Foreign Ministry

    The Hungarian Ambassador in North Korea reports on a meeting between Soviet Ambassador Moskovsky and Pak Seong-cheol in which the two discussed child rearing, agriculture, rural conditions, and industry in North Korea.

  • December 31, 1963

    Excerpts from the Prosecutor's Act and the Verdict Against Ivan-Assen Georgiev

  • December 31, 1963

    Gratitude from Zuhdi Yakan

  • January, 1964

    Information of the Bulgarian Embassy in Havana Regarding the Situation in Cuba in 1963

    The Bulgarian Embassy in Havana reports to the Central Committee of the Bulgarian Communist Party and the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on political, economic, and cultural developments in Cuba circa 1963. Cuba is politically united, but is experiencing economic hardship after the “Caribbean Crisis” primarily because of the US embargo. In the report, embassy staff reviews developments between socialist countries and Cuba throughout 1963. Some examples include communist aid to Cuba after Hurricane Flora and Cuba’s stance on Sino-Soviet relations. Bulgaria’s show of solidarity resulted in concrete political, economic, and cultural cooperation. Embassy staff notes the drawbacks and benefits of Bulgaria’s relationship with Cuba.

  • 1964

    Material for the Visit of Prestes with Ulbricht on 14 February 1964

    A dossier of materials on the Brazilian Communist Party prepared in anticipation of a visit by Luis Carlos Prestes. It gives an overview of East German relations with the Brazilian Communist Party as well as current domestic politics in Brazil.

  • 1964

    The Situation Surrounding the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between China and France and Related Issues

    The Chinese Foreign Ministry reviews the process of the normalization of relations between China and France and speculates how the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France might affect China's status in the United Nations and with the UK, Europe, Africa, and Japan.

  • January 07, 1964

    Memorandum of a Conversation with the USSR Ambassador, c. V. P. Moskovskyi

    Soviet Ambassador Moskovsky talks with the Cuban Ambassador to Pyongyang about the foreign policies of North Korea and, in particular, North Korea's position in the Sino-Soviet split.

  • January 10, 1964

    Note about a Conversation with Deputy Prime Minister and Candidate for the Politburo of the KWP Central Committee, Comrade Ri Ju-yeon

    Conversation between GDR Ambassador Becker and Pak Chunguk (leader of the First Department of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs) about their trade relationship, North Korea's improvement of product quality, and quantity of North Korean export articles.

  • January 11, 1964

    Telegram number 47 from Pierre Gorce

    Pierre Gorce summarizes the contents of the recent Sino-Albanian common declaration.

  • January 11, 1964

    Report, Embassy of Hungary in North Korea to the Hungarian Foreign Ministry

    Ambassadors from the Soviet Union, Hungary, and Romania discuss the zealousy of Koreans acquiring new technologies.

  • January 11, 1964

    Report, Embassy of Hungary in North Korea to the Hungarian Foreign Ministry

    In this report, Hungarian Ambassador to North Korea József Kovács details a conversation with Soviet Ambassador Moskovsky and Romanian Ambassador Bodnaras about the Soviet interpretation of North Korean-Chinese relations. Moskovsky states that his predecessors underestimated the situation.

  • January 14, 1964

    Cable from the Foreign Cultural Liaison Committee, 'Preliminary Consideration on Policy to Vietnam in the Year 1964'

    Summary of policy priorities in Vietnam, including cultural cooperation with DRV, research into Vietnamese cultural industry, and translating Vietnamese literature into Chinese.

  • January 15, 1964

    The Chinese Government's Eight Principles for Economic Aid and Technical Assistance to Other Countries

    During a state visit to Ghana in January 1964, Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai outlines the principles of China's foreign economic assistance.

  • January 15, 1964

    Cable from Kong, Huang, and Tong, 'Situation of the Ghana Visit'

    A summary of Zhou Enlai's conversation with Kwame Nkrumah that covered Sino-Ghanian relations, China's status at the UN, liberation movements in Africa, Sino-Indian relations, the Non-Aligned Movement, nuclear weapons free zones in Africa, and the Congo crisis, among other subjects.

  • January 22, 1964

    Cable from the Foreign Ministry, 'Please Notify the Governments of the Receiving Countries of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between China and France'

    The Chinese Foreign Ministry says to inform other countries of the establishment of diplomatic relations with France.

  • January 23, 1964

    Cable from Li Qingquan, 'Talks with Beaumarchais about the Issue of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between China and France'

    Li Qingquan and and Beaumarchais discuss the issue of "two China's" in the normalization of relations between China and France.