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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • June 09, 1949

    Smuggling Gold to the Jews

    A report on Manṣūr ‘Abd al-Raḥman Manṣūr's movements and involvement in smuggling gold to Jewish workers in Beirut.

  • June 09, 1949

    Syrian-Jordanian Cooperation

    Report on Mamdūḥ Maydānī's return to Beirut in order to continue his surveillance on Syrians living in Lebanon.

  • June 11, 1949

    Syrian Jews

    Report on meetings of Syrian Jews at Muyas Ḥazān's home on Rue Ḥamrā'.

  • June 13, 1949

    French Activities in Lebanon

    Report on the movements of two Frenchmen, Georges Lito and Amadou Clement, while they were in Beirut.

  • June 13, 1949

    A Yugoslav Diplomat

    Report regarding a Yugoslav diplomat, his plans to travel to Bulgaria and his plans to meet with his former boss who is posted in Sofia.

  • June 15, 1949

    Syrian Activities in Lebanon

    Regarding the movements of Syrians in Lebanon; information on where they stayed and with whom they met.

  • June 15, 1949

    Syrian Opposition in Lebanon

    Regarding the identity and movements of a member of a Syrian opposition group which worked in collaboration with members of the previous government.

  • June 15, 1949

    Italian Smugglers

    The Journalist Informer reports on an Italian smuggling operation which he witnessed outside of the Hotel Normandy in Beirut.

  • June 17, 1949

    Untitled report on the Turkish Legation in Syria

    The Turkish government is very interested in events in Syria.

  • June 18, 1949

    Untitled note concerning Soviet activities in Lebanon

    Soviet Nationals continue activities in Beirut, including organizing a meeting to celebrate Pushkin and to seek new members of the Friends of the Soviet Union.

  • June 20, 1949

    Untitled report on the Yugoslav Intelligence Services

    After arriving in Beirut, Wadi' Khayyat is suspected to be a secret agent for the Cominform.

  • June 20, 1949

    Untitled report on the Cominform and the Yugoslav Commission in Beirut

    The Cominform is expected to soon make a major decision, and Yugoslavian communist newspapers are discovered in Beirut.

  • June 22, 1949

    A British Diplomat

    The Journalist reporter meets with a British diplomat.

  • June 22, 1949

    Movements of the Parti Populaire Syrien

    Report on movements of the members of the PPS in Beirut, confirmation that a member of the PPS is trying to return to Damascus.

  • June 23, 1949

    Syrian Movement in Lebanon

    Report on a Syrian air colonel/intelligence officer's movements in Beirut; his contacts with the Russian and Yugoslav legations.

  • June 24, 1949

    Untitled report on Soviet interest in events in Syria

    Syria plays out as a battleground of foreign propaganda, and Chehab looks into recent developments.

  • June 24, 1949

    Smuggling Gold to the Jews

    Report regarding the movements of [Alawa al-Kiyarati], a gold smuggler, during his trip to Beirut.

  • June 24, 1949

    Syrian Security Movements in Lebanon

    Aḥmad Bik al-Qaṣībānīi takes over the associate directorship of the Syrian intelligence services in Lebanon; the Journalist Informer reports his movements in Beirut.

  • June 25, 1949

    Untitled report on Yugoslav activities

    The Yugoslav Commission in Beirut plans to bring propaganda to Syria and Lebanon through Beirut.

  • June 27, 1949

    Movements by Members of the Parti Populaire

    Members of the Parti Populaire Syrien are recalled to Beirut due to recent arrests.