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  • February 01, 1946

    Message from Bagirov with Request for Atakishiyev's Visit

    Bagirov requests proposals to answer all questions related to the organization of the separatist government in Iranian Azerbaijan.

  • February, 1946

    Report on the Participation of the Azerbaijan SSR in Organizing and Supporting the National Liberation Movement in Iranian Azerbaijan

    Over 1,400 workers from the Azerbaijan SSR were sent to Iranian Azerbaijan and northern Kurdistan to help with the organization of the Azerbaijan Democratic Party.

  • February 07, 1946

    Message from Bagirov to Stalin and Molotov Containing a Record of a Conversation between Rossow and Pishevari

    Bagirov reports on a conversation between Pishevari and the American consul Robert Rossow about Soviet troops in Iran and the views of the separatist Azerbaijan People's Government.

  • February 23, 1946

    Memo on the Number of Weapons Sent to Iranian Azerbaijan

    A memo listing the numbers of weapons sent to Iranian Azerbaijan from the Azerbaijan SSR, including what is currently available.

  • March 13, 1946

    Message from Bagirov to Stalin and Molotov about Withdrawal of Troops from Northern Iran

    Bagirov and Maslennikov report on intelligence activities by all sides following on the withdrawal of Soviet troops from northern Iran.

  • April 04, 1946

    Message from Ambassador Sadchikov to Prime Minister Qavam About the Joint Oil Company

    Sadchikov expresses the Soviet government's interest in exploring a joint oil company using Northern Iranian oil.

  • April 04, 1946

    Message from Prime Minister Ahmad Qavam to Ambassador Sadchikov About a Joint Oil Company

    The Shah of Iran agrees to starting a Soviet-Iranian oil company using oil from Northern Iran. The letter contains Iran's conditions for this company and the promise that a treaty will soon follow this letter.

  • April 05, 1946

    Memo per a Telegraph Report of Nazarli from Rasht

    A memo about a conflict between a general and several peasants that broke out after he demanded that they pay him a portion of their harvests.

  • April 05, 1946

    Memo from a Telegraph Report of Ashurov from Tehran

    Memo describing the conclusion of Soviet-Iranian negotiations. A joint communique was adopted with provisions to withdraw Soviet troops from Iran, establish a joint oil company, and conduct reforms in Iranian Azerbaijan.

  • April 05, 1946

    Memo from Atakishiyev, Kerimov, Ibragimov, and Gasanov to Bagirov on April 4 meeting with Pishevari

    Description of an April 4th meeting with Pishevari, President of the Azerbaijan People's Government in Iranian Azerbaijan, listing his conditions for talks with Teheran. Pishevari is reportedly nervous about what will happen to the separatist movement.

  • April 05, 1946

    Message from Bagirov and Maslennikov on April 4 meeting with Pishevari

    Pishevari, the Chairman of the Democratic Party of Azerbaijan, lists conditions for opening talks with the Iranian government in Tehran on the status of Iranian Azerbaijan.

  • April 10, 1946

    Memo per Telegraph Report of Atakishiyev, Ibragimov, and Gasanov from Tabriz

    A memo describing recent meetings between Pishevari and others.

  • April 12, 1946

    Telegram from the CC CP of Azerbaijan to M.D. Bagirov on the Soviet-Iranian agreement

    The Central Committee of the Azerbaijan SSR responds approvingly to the Soviet-Iranian agreement in which the Soviets agreed to withdraw military forces in exchange for oil concessions from Iran.

  • April 12, 1946

    Message from Bagirov on April 7 meeting with Pishevari

    Bagirov describes a conversation with Pishevari on events in Iranian Afghanistan. He also describes Pishevari's separate meetings with representatives from the Tudeh party and the British and American consuls in Tabriz.

  • April 14, 1946

    Telegram from Bagirov to Stalin about the situation in Southern Azerbaijan

    A telegram from Bagirov to Stalin about violent attacks on Soviet citizens and pro-Soviet Iranians in Iranian Azerbaijan.

  • April 20, 1946

    Letter from Bagirov to Stalin and Molotov about Qavam delaying talks with the Iranian Azerbaijani government

    A letter from Bagirov to Stalin and Molotov about Qavam delaying talks with the Iranian Azerbaijani government and the presence of offensive Iranian troops.

  • April 22, 1946

    Message from Bagirov to Stalin and Molotov on Qavam’s trip to Moscow.

    A letter from Bagirov to Stalin and Molotov about public opinion of Qavam’s trip to Moscow and the Iranian-Soviet negotiations. It also requests advice about establishing a bank in Iranian Azerbaijan.

  • May 08, 1946

    Joseph V. Stalin to Ja'far Pishevari, Leader of the Democratic Party of Azerbaijan, 8 May 1946

    Letter to Ja'far Pishevari, leader of the People's Government of Azerbaijan, from Joseph Stalin, explaining the reasons for Soviet withdrawal from Iran. He asserts that by not pulling out their troops from Iran, he would have given the British and the Americans an excuse keep troops stationed around the world.

  • May 20, 1946

    Memo from General-Major Atakishiyev Regarding the Substance of the Telegram of Cde. Silin from Moscow

    The Deputy Minister of State Security of the Azerbaijan SSR advises that all orders and advice from Soviet representatives should be given verbally, rather than in writing.

  • June 06, 1946

    Memo per a Telegraph Message from Tehran

    Soviet Ambassador Sadchikov forwards a proposal from the Iranian government to reorganize the administration of Iranian Azerbaijan and settle with the separatist government there. Sadchikov recommends accepting the proposal.