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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • September 29, 1962

    Italian Communist Journalist Carmine De Lepsis, Interview with Ernesto 'Che' Guevara, Havana

    In an interview with journalist Carmine De Lepsis, Che Guevara discusses the future development of the Cuban economy, the improvement in productivity and the establishment of new labor laws, dealing with the exodus of technicians, and in general part of the lower middle class, and compares the situation in Cuba to Latin America in general.

  • October 01, 1962

    Roberto Ducci, 'I capintesta' [The Big Bosses] (excerpts)

    In the early pages of the chapter, Ducci describes how by 22 October 1962, he had just arrived in Brussels as member of a delegation which included the top echelons of Italian foreign policy: Foreign Minister Attilio Piccioni, Undersecretary Carlo Russo, Secretary General of the Ministry Attilio Cattani, and a number of other key dignitaries, including himself, who at the time was at the head of the Italian delegation which negotiated the possible accession of the United Kingdom to the European Economic Community. They had all gone to Brussels for a week of meetings between the Six members of the EEC, and were engaged in a preparatory meeting for the work ahead, when the news spread that the situation between the US and Cuba was deteriorating and that President Kennedy was about to give an important speech.

  • October 22, 1962

    Amintore Fanfani Diaries (excepts)

    The few excerpts about Cuba are a good example of the importance of the diaries: not only do they make clear Fanfaniā€™s sense of danger and his willingness to search for a peaceful solution of the crisis, but the bits about his exchanges with Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs Carlo Russo, with the Italian Ambassador in London Pietro Quaroni, or with the USSR Presidium member Frol Kozlov, help frame the Italian position during the crisis in a broader context.

  • October 22, 1962

    Manlio Brosio Diaries (excerpts)

    Diary entries from Manlio Brosio, an Italian foreign service diplomat, from his time as Ambassador to Paris during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

  • October 31, 1962

    Minutes, Meeting of Italian Communist Party (PCI) Politburo

    The Italian Communist Party (PCI) Politburo discuss recent events in Cuba: the revolution, US invasion of Cuba and the international political situation.

  • November 26, 1962

    Letter from Italian Communist Journalist Carmine de Lipsis to Senior Italian Communist Giancarlo Pajetta on Interview with Che Guevara

    A letter from Italian Communist Journalist Carmine de Lipsis to Senior Italian Communist Giancarlo Pajetta regarding an interview with Che Guevara. De Lipsis also includes detailed reading notes on this meeting to augment the rest of the letter.

  • December 01, 1962

    The Italian Foreign Ministry assesses the causes and consequences of the crisis (December 1962) [From a background paper prepared for the Italian Delegation at the December 1962 meeting of the North Atlantic Council]

    An assessment by the Italian Foreign Ministry of the Cuban Missile Crisis - the international situation, the events that transpired and the lessons that can be learned from them.

  • December 04, 1962

    Report by Permanent Representative to NATO Alessandrini to Minister of Defense Andreotti

    Italy's permanent representative to NATO Alessandrini writes to PM Andreotti in preparation for the upcoming Paris summit. He shares general remarks about the state of the alliance and current issues in international relations focusing on the German question, Cuba, and Sino-Soviet relations.

  • January 01, 1963

    Note by SMD on Inter-Allied Force

    Note by Gen. Aldo Rossi on aims, composition and structure of the Nuclear Interallied Force and potential advantages for Italy.

  • January 01, 1963

    Note by SMD on Denuclearization of the Mediterranean

    Note by gen. Aldo Rossi against Soviet proposal for denuclearization of the Mediterranean, which would deny Italy a nuclear deterrent through NATO.

  • January 01, 1963

    Note by Piero Vinci to Andreotti on MLF

    Note by Minister's cabinet head Piero Vinci on political and technical issues related to MLF in preparation for discussions with President Kennedy. Also discussed are changes to NATO Standing Group and nomination of gen. De Martino as vice chairman of the Military Committee

  • 1963

    Report, 'Point 2. NATO situation'

    Discussion of the relative roles of the United States, Great Britain, Germany and France in NATO and a proposal to revise the role of NATO as the threat of a Soviet attack increases.

  • January 03, 1963

    Report by Permanent Representative to NATO Alessandrini to Minister of Defense Andreotti

    This report addresses the failure of NATO to meet the agreed-upon threshold for conventional weapons buildup.

  • January 07, 1963

    MAE cable on Dismantlement of Missile bases in Turkey

    Note by Italian embassy in Ankara concerning Turkish government's point of view on the dismantlement of missile bases.

  • January 07, 1963

    MAE Analysis on NATO MLF after Nassau accords

    MAE analysis on Nassau accords, issue of NATO MLF, and availability of naval units for Polaris program. Includes preliminary considerations on Italian position to the Atlantic Council.

  • January 15, 1963

    MAE Cable Report on Nassau Accords

    Report by italian representative to the Atlantic Council A. Alessandrini on outline to the Atlantic Council of Nassau Accords; the paper also discusses the problem of NATO nuclear defense, the US position on autonomous arsenals and Italy's position.

  • January 15, 1963

    MAE Cable Report on NATO and Nuclear Forces

    Note by ambassador to the UK Pietro Quaroni on NATO US leadership, nuclear balance, european nuclear deterrent, conventional armaments and bilateral relations between European countries and the US.

  • February 08, 1963

    MAE Cable Report on MLF

    Note by embassies in Parigi, Aja and Italian Atlantic Council delegation on recent developments of NATO MLF.

  • February 13, 1963

    Report from Alessandrini to Piccioni concerning NATO MLF consultations

    Report by italian representative to the Atlantic Council A. Alessandrini to Deputy Prime Minister on NATO consultations, positions of the members of the Alliance and Nassau agrrements for the creation of a multilateral nuclear force. In particular, the paper discusses the points of view of SACEUR L. Lemnitzer and US Ambassor to NATO Finletter.

  • March 14, 1963

    Report from Alessandrini to MAE and MD on Issue of Surface Ships MLF

    Report by italian representative to the Atlantic Council A. Alessandrini on discussions with US technological experts within the delegation of the head of the MLF negotiating team L. Merchant.