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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • January 29, 1964

    Analysis of Bulgarian State Security Second Directorate on Hypocrite (DVULICHNIK) Operation against Georgiev

  • April 15, 1965

    Letter from Gen. D. Dikov to V. Semichastni on Acquired Materials from Greek and UAR Embassies in Sofia

  • October 01, 1965

    Letter from V.Semichastni to A. Solakov Thanking Him for Greek, Arabic and Israeli Materials

  • December 22, 1965

    Correspondence between Gen. A. Solakov and Gen. K. Onescu on Acquired Intelligence Information

  • December 22, 1965

    Letter from A. Solakov to V. Semichastni on Acquired Materials from the West Germany's Trade Mission in Sofia

  • January 05, 1966

    Report from Gen. V. Terziev on Bulgarian State Security Collegium Decisions

  • January 09, 1966

    Letter from Gen. A. Solakov to Gen. K. Onescu on Information on Italian Citizens

  • October 27, 1966

    Bulgarian State Security Report on Penetration within Enemy Intelligence Centers

  • November 04, 1966

    Report from Gen. V. Terziev on Talks with the Head of Romanian Military Counterintelligence Service

  • March 15, 1967

    Report from Bulgarian Representative in Budapest on Meeting with a Hungarian Counterintelligence Chief

  • July 06, 1967

    Information on Meetings in Sofia with Stasi Chiefs Emilius and M. Wolf

    Includes a detailed description of the organizational structure of the Stasi.

  • January 03, 1968

    Letter from Gen. M. Spasov to Y. Andropov on Acquired Materials from Italian Embassy in Sofia

  • February 13, 1968

    Letter from Y.Andropov to A. Solakov with Gratitude for Materials from Italian Embassy in Sofia

  • May 18, 1968

    Notes by Gen. M. Spasov on a Statement by Y. Andropov during a Bulgarian State Security Visit to Moscow

  • June 11, 1968

    Report by Gen. M. Spasov on Bulgarian State Security Delegation Visit to Romania

  • July 31, 1968

    Proposal from Gen. V. Terziev on Changes in the Personnel of the Military Counterintelligence Directorate and Departments

  • August 24, 1968

    Information from Gen. D. Kyosev on Political Situation in Greece

  • November 25, 1968

    Letter from Gen. A. Solakov to Gen. I. Stanescu on Turkish Military Intelligence Interest towards Romania

  • December 07, 1968

    Plan for Countering Military Attach├ęs of Capitalist Countries in Sofia

    Proposed measures for disrupting the alleged intelligence cooperation among Western military attach├ęs in Sofia.

  • 1969

    Proposal from Angel Solakov to CC BCP Secretariat on Sending a Ministry Representative to Warsaw

    A proposal from the Minister of Internal Affairs to the BCP CC for putting one counter-intelligence operative on staff in the Bulgarian Embassy in Warsaw.