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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • October, 1983

    Memorandum on Geneva INF negotiations and East-West dialogue, with particular focus on Italian-Soviet relations.

    A memo about the relationship between Italy and the Soviet Union during the Geneva negotiations. It suggests some steps that Italy should undertake to keep alive the East-West dialogue and to preserve Italian economic interests.

  • December 05, 1983

    Telegram by Ambassador Rinaldo Petrignani, 'Prospects of resuming the FNI negotiations'

    Italian Ambassador to Washington, Rinaldo Petrignani, volunteers his views on the interruption of the INF negotiations, and their possible relaunch. He states that Italy's firm and coherent position vis-à-vis the missile debate has improved its standing internationally, and highlights the crucial importance of maintaining strong transatlantic relations.

  • March 01, 1984

    Telegram by the Ambassador to the United States Petrignani to Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 'Prospects of resuming the FNI negotiations'

    Ambassador Petrignani reports his conversation with Vice Secretary of State Burt following Kissinger's interview in Time where he talks about NATO's crisis and need for burden sharing reform. Burt distances the current administration from Kissinger's views, stating instead that euro-american relations are "in good health", and there is no need for drastic measures.

  • July 24, 1984

    Telegram by Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Permanent Representative to NATO, 'Survey about the non-military cooperation among allies in the light of Article Two'

    Proposal drafted by the Italian Foreign Ministry for a new Declaration of Atlantic Relations focused on the non-military aspects of the Alliance. It suggests elaborating Article 2 to improve inter-ally cooperation in non-military sectors.

  • December 13, 1984

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 'Reactivation of UEO (Ideas and factual data)'

    A brief document calling for the revival of the WEU as a means of creating a deeper and more unified European defense and security cooperation.

  • June 06, 1985

    Report on Italian-Soviet Talks in Lisbon

    A short (untitled) document that summarizes the topics addressed in the Italo-Soviet talks in Lisbon and re-caps the key positions adopted by the two parties.

  • December 09, 1985

    Letter by Minister of Foreign Affairs Andreotti to West German Minister of Foreign Affaris Genscher

    Foreign Minister of Italy, Giulio Andreotti wishes to exchange views with his German counterpart Genscher about the research phase of the SDI project, to try and find common ground before continuing talks with the United States on the subject of industrial cooperation in SDI research.

  • May 28, 1986

    Memorandum by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 'Libya'

    The document describes the state of economic and trade relations between Italy and Libya focusing on acquisitions of crude oil. A short section also discusses American interests in Libya.

  • May 31, 1986

    Memorandum by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 'Libya'

    Brief note about the current position of Italy vis-a-vis Libya. Although state-supported terrorism in Libya should be fought, it is important to avoid escalating the antagonistic sentiments and pushing Libya to align with the USSR.

  • April 14, 1987

    Memorandum by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 'The issue of SRINF. Italy's position'

    The document spells out the Italian position in the debate over SRINF reductions and introduces three hypothetical solutions.

  • April 15, 1987

    Memorandum by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 'Meeting between the Minister [Andreotti] and Minister Genscher'

    Notes from the meeting between Foreign Minister of Italy, Giulio Andreotti, and Foreign Minister of West Germany, Hans-Dietrich Genscher. The theme of the discussion is strengthening of the bilateral relationship between Italy and West Germany, the two major non-nuclear powers in Europe.

  • June 26, 1990

    Memorandum by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 'SNF negotiations'

    The document describes the state of the SNF negotiations that Italy and West Germany started pushing for in 1989.

  • November 04, 1990

    Telegram by Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Perlot) to Permanent Representative to NATO, 'Review of the Alliance - The European dimension of security and the safeguard of NATO'

    Enzo Perlot describes the Italian position vis-à-vis the evolution of NATO and the European Union. He predicts strengthening of the European pillar, together with incresing responsibilities.

  • August 29, 1996

    Letter from Minister of Defense Diplomatic Adviser Sessa to General Secretary Biancheri, 'Adjustment of the Alliance; Updating of the situation and of the possible orientations of Italy's position'

    A detailed study on actual and potential adaptation measures of the NATO, and Italy's position vis-à-vis the coming changes. The document illustrates serious concerns over possible marginalization of the Italian role in the future of the alliance.

  • February 22, 1997

    President of Centro Alti Studi Difesa, ' Note for the Minister - NATO's enlargement. Scenarios, Italian interests and possible options'

    The report examines the challenges associated with the enlargement of NATO, and identifies Italian interests and concerns. It outlines the motivations driving the enlargement efforts, and draws attention to the possible reduction in Italian role in the European context.