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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • November 04, 1957

    Mounting a Coup d’État in Lebanon

    Account of plans and objectives for a coup in Lebanon.

  • November 17, 1957

    Untitled report on Soviet Activities in Syria

  • November 18, 1957

    Excerpt from the Unedited Translation of Mao Zedong’s Speech at the Moscow Conference of Communist and Workers’ Parties

  • November 22, 1957

    CDS Report No. 64 from Choi Duk Shin to the President (Syngman Rhee)

    Choi Duk Shin reports on Japanese Prime Minister Kishi's visit, the sharing of Korean culture in Saigon, and major events in South Vietnam and the surrounding region.

  • December 10, 1957

    Note about a Meeting on 29 November 1957 between Deputy Foreign Minister Pak Seong-cheol with GDR Ambassador Comrade Fischer and Comrade Behrens

    East German and North Korean officials discuss North Korea's economic and political relations with India, Indonesia, Burma, Syria, and Japan.

  • 1958

    The Muslim Brotherhood's Movements

    Document containing information on the Brotherhood's communication as well as the exodus of Egyptian members of the Brotherhood to other Arab countries, most notably Sa'id Ramadan and a number of Egyptian army officers.

  • 1958

    Artine Madoyan

    A time line of Communist Artine Madoyan's life between 1917 and 1958.

  • 1958

    The Military Wing of the Communist Party

    List of names of members of the military wings of the communist party.

  • January 01, 1958

    Report about Parti Populaire Activists

    Report on the activities of a representative of the Parti Populaire Syrien visiting Lebanon.

  • January 01, 1958

    Report about Parti Populaire Activists

    Report on activities of members of the Parti Populaire Syrien in Lebanon.

  • January 01, 1958

    Report about Parti Populaire Activists

    Information from a member of the Parti Populaire regarding the party's activities including their movements in Syria, communications between the member of PPS and Maurice Chehab.

  • 1958

    Untitled report about Egyptian activities in Lebanon

    Information on the types and sources of Egyptian political propaganda being published in Lebanon.

  • January 28, 1958

    Naturalization Request

    One of Chehab's informants requests Lebanese citizenship.

  • January 31, 1958

    Report of the Hungarian Ambassador in Cairo on the establishment of the United Arab Republic and the Syrian public opinion in 1958 (exceprts)

    This report by the Hungarian ambassador in Cairo states that the Syrian people are wary toward President Nasser’s creation of the United Arab Republic, fearing he will enforce a dictatorship, however the Syrian communist party is in full support of the union.

  • March 13, 1958

    Notes from Meeting between Iranian Military and Nicolae Ceaușescu, Bucharest

    Record of a meeting between the Tudeh First Secretary, Reza Radmanesh, and Nicolae Ceauşescu, then a member of the Politburo of the Romanian Workers' Party, shortly after the Tudeh's Fifth Plenum in Bulgaria, where the Iranian communists pledged themselves to working with 'all national and democratic forces' in Iran. Document highlights the disarray and fragmentation of the Tudeh at this time.

  • June 25, 1958

    Canceling al-Yafi's Children's Permit

    Order from the Army to cancel the permits of 'Abd Allah al-Yafi's children and send them back to Syria.

  • July 05, 1958

    Untitled report to the Director of the Sûreté Générale concerning security in Lebanon

    Account of two recent meetings at an arm of the Soviet Embassy in Beirut regarding the political status of Lebanon, and communists distribute pamphlets calling on security forces to join the masses.

  • July 21, 1958

    Special Information from Gen. I. Mihailov Based on a RUMNO Report on the Situation in the Middle East

    Bulgarian intelligence report on the developments during the 1958 Lebanon crisis.

  • July 31, 1958

    First Conversation between N.S. Khrushchev and Mao Zedong, Hall of Huaizhentan [Beijing]

    Mao Zedong and N.S. Khrushchev discuss a joint navy, use of China’s coastline and advisers in both countries.

  • August 23, 1958

    Memoir by Wu Lengxi, 'Inside Story of the Decision Making during the Shelling of Jinmen'

    Wu Lengxi, a member of the CCP Central Committee, recalls events in August 1958 when Chinese Communist forces along the Fujian coast began an intensive artillery bombardment of the Nationalist-controlled Jinmen Island. He recalls a Politburo Standing Committee meeting in which Mao states that the bombardment was in part motivated by events in the Middle East.