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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • December 14, 1965

    Report by the Adviser to the Bulgarian Embassy in Beijing, Ivan Dimitrov, to the Bulgarian Ambassador, Khr. Stoichev

    Bulgarian report on the conversations between Mao Zedong and Ho Chi Minh. According to the report, Mao agrees with Ho Chi Minh that they should officially recognize the NLF as the government of South Vietnam, while expressing his reservations about asking for volunteers from other countries. He again fully opposes any negotiations with the United States.

  • December 14, 1965

    Memorandum of a Meeting of Minister Erich Mielke with Nguyen Minh Tien on 13 December 1965

    The East German Minister of State Security, Erich Mielke, meets with the head of North Vietnam’s Technical Operations Sector, Nguyen Minh Tien. Tien requests the transfer of expertise from East Germany in a number of different areas, including covert photography, remote surveillance (e.g. “bugging”) and counterfeiting.

  • December 15, 1965

    Cable, Ruo Jiaoyu and Li Qiang to the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, 'Vice Premier Ri Ju-yeon's Discussion of War Materials'

    Ambassador Ruo Jiaoyu and Li Qiang summarize a meeting held with Ru Ju-yeon on China's provision of war materials to North Korea. The two countries reached a consensus that "[North] Korea’s support for the revolution in the South [Korea] is needed."

  • December 15, 1965

    Cable from Chinese Ambassador in North Korea Jiao Ruoyu, 'On the Situation of Calling on Vice Premier Kim Il'

    Kim Il discusses Sino-North Korean relations, the situation in South Korea, and Japan's position in East Asia with Chinese Ambassador Jiao Ruoyu.

  • December 17, 1965

    Discussion between Chen Yi and Nguyen Duy Trinh

    Chen Yi advocates the use of negotiation alongside fighting.

  • December 18, 1965

    Discussion between Zhou Enlai, Chen Yi and Nguyen Duy Trinh

    Zhou Enlai and Chen Yi strategize about negotiation with the United States.

  • December 19, 1965

    Discussion between Zhou Enlai and Chen Yi

    Zhou Enlai puts forward four points necessary for a strengthened Vietnamese and Chinese vantage point in negotiations with the United States.

  • December 19, 1965

    Record of Conversation from Premier Zhou's Reception of UAR Deputy Prime Minister Aziz Sedky

    Zhou Enlai criticises the developmental aid policies and practices of the United States and the Soviet Union. He and Sedky also discuss Chinese aid to Egypt.

  • December 20, 1965

    Memorandum of Conversation between the Korean Ambassador Kim Byeong-jik and Sudarikov

    The document is a record of discussions between the Korean ambassador to Russia and Kim Il Sung pertaining to the relations between North Korea and Russia. They suggest they will continue to improve and that so will business relations.

  • December 20, 1965

    Cable from Li Qiang to Premier Zhou Enlai

    A report on Li Qiang’s discussions with Ri Ju-yeon on war materials, exchange of rice with British pounds, and business opportunities in Hong Kong.

  • December 20, 1965

    Zhou Enlai's Comments on a Cable from Li Qiang

    Zhou Enlai asks that the trade agreement between China and North Korea be signed in 1965.

  • December 22, 1965

    Correspondence between Gen. A. Solakov and Gen. K. Onescu on Acquired Intelligence Information

  • December 22, 1965

    Letter from A. Solakov to V. Semichastni on Acquired Materials from the West Germany's Trade Mission in Sofia

  • December 22, 1965

    Cable from the Chinese Embassy in the Soviet Union, 'On the Situation of the Soviet Revisionists “Condemning America and Supporting Vietnam”'

    The Chinese Embassy in Moscow reports on recent Soviet efforts to support the Vietnamese against the United States.

  • December 23, 1965

    Cable from the Foreign Ministry to Ambassador Jiao Ruoyu, 'On Vice Premier Li Xiannian's Visit to North Korea'

    The Foreign Ministry briefs Chinese Ambassador to North Korea Jiao Ruoyu on Li Xiannian's impending visit to Pyongyang.

  • December 23, 1965

    Telegram from John F. Root, Office of Northern African Affairs, 'Subject: Bulgarian Fronting For Russian Interests in Ethiopia'

    Observations by Israeli and US diplomats of the Soviet Union's attempt at indirect economic penetration of Ethiopia during the mid-1960s. The Ethiopian regime was suspicious of Soviet intervention, thus they had to resort to the help of the East European states, in this case Bulgaria.

  • December 26, 1965

    Cable from the Chinese Embassy in North Korea to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Trade

    An exchange of views between Kim Il Sung and Li Xiannian on Chinese technical assistance to North Korea, U.S. imperialism, economic situation in North Korea, and China-North Korea friendly foreign realtions.

  • December 29, 1965

    Memorandum by General Staff of Defense (SMD) to the Minister, 'NATO's reorganization'

    The document outlines Italy's possible position - from the military point of view - for the probable forthcoming discussions related to NATO's reorganization, in the light of a likely French exit. Discusses the possible transfer of NATO headquarters, US military bases and facilities now deployed in France toward other NATO countries.

  • December 29, 1965

    Memorandum by General Staff of Defense (SMD) to the Minister, 'Special Committee. Working group for the planning'

    The note outlines the Italian policy with regards to the activities of the Working group on planning, of which Italy is a part together with the US, the UK, Germany and Turkey.

  • December 31, 1965

    India Department of Atomic Energy, Notification of Appointment of New Members of the Atomic Energy Commission

    Details about the appointment of new members to the Indian Atomic Energy Commission.