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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • June 05, 1973

    Letters between Shail Upadhya and C.V. Narasimhan

    Upadhya sends Narasimhan a report on ROK stance on the UN.

  • July 25, 1973

    Letter, Ahmet H. Ozbudun to C.V. Narasimhan, "UNCURK's Meeting with the ROK Foreign Minister"

    Ozbudun reports to Narasimhan on UNCURK's meeting with the ROK Foreign Minister and UNCURK session.

  • August 22, 1973

    Letter, Ahmet H. Ozbudun to C.V. Narasimhan, "'Suspension' of Activities of UNCURK?"

    Ozbudun sends Narasimhan a letter on "suspension" of activities of UNCURK.

  • November 26, 1973

    Telegram from Pyongyang to Bucharest, SECRET, No. 61.530

    The telegram highlights the new South Korean effort to normalize relations with China and the USSR. Both Soviet and Chinese officials reject the overture from South Korea.

  • March 10, 1980

    The North-South Dialogue and Potential Codel Visit to North Korea

    Assistant Secretary Holbrooke informs the American Embassy in Seoul that Ambassador Kim Yong-sik and the ROK are extremely upset by Congressman Solarz's intent to go to Pyongyang. He emphasizes that Solarz is aware of US policy toward North Korea and would not carry a message from the US during his visit.

  • March 17, 1980

    Potential Solarz Codel to North and South Korea

    The note recounts a discussion with the South Korean Ambassador regarding Congressman Solarz's intention to visit North Korea.