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  • September 20, 1948

    Congratulating Syria

    Letter from the Syrian director of police & security congratulating Chehab on his appointment.

  • September 26, 1948

    Security Agreement between Lebanon and Syria

    [Probable draft] of a joint security agreement between the Lebanese Sûreté Générale and the Syrian Sûreté Générale with sections on Jewish people, foreigners, artists, refugees, Palestinians, Communists, political and diplomatic personalities and Lebanese and Syrian nationals.

  • October 16, 1948

    An Officer Smuggles Arms

    A document regarding an officer in the Lebanese army who smuggled arms to Beirut.

  • October 18, 1948

    Report by the Military Intelligence

    Syrian Intelligence report on Palestinian agents of King 'Abd Allāh and the Greater Syria Project, including three men who came to Damascus to carry out secret operations on behalf of the project.

  • October 18, 1948

    Report about Supporters of Greater Syria

    Report on Palestinian supporters of King Abdullah's Greater Syria Project.

  • October 22, 1948

    Syrian Document about Palestinian Personalities

    List of prominent Palestinians with information on their movements and activities in Syria.

  • October 23, 1948

    Syrian Report about the Greater Syria Project

    Syrian report on a number of high ranking agents in Amman working on the Greater Syria project for King ‘Abd Allāh, and their subordinates who live in Damascus and Beirut in order to collect intelligence and send it back to Amman. The report mentions that the Syrian army has canceled all the licenses of the agents living in Syria.

  • October 23, 1948

    Recommendation from Naẓīrah Junblāṭ (Nathira Jumblatt)

    Naẓīrah Junblāṭ writes a letter of recommendation for an acquaintance to Farid Chehab.

  • October 23, 1948

    Syrian Document about a Palestinian Conference

    Syrian document regarding a Palestinian youth conference in Amman to advocate for the formation of a Palestinian government and giving Palestinian youths the right to vote.

  • October 31, 1948

    Syrian Report about the Greater Syria Project

    Syrian report on the results of the Syrian investigation into the Greater Syria project in Beirut. Names Aḥmād Khalīl as the leader of the operation in Beirut, as well as his secretary and several of his agents as well as including a summary of their recent movements.

  • November 05, 1948

    Adeeb Farzli and Zionism

    Report that Adeeb al-Farzli has gone undercover to the town of Tel [Nahaas] in order to conduct surveillance on Zionists.

  • November 06, 1948

    Report about the Greater Syria Project

    Report on the spread of support for the greater Syria project to Lebanon from Syria, information on Syrian and Lebanese supporters.

  • November 25, 1948

    Payment to ‘Afif al Tibi

    Note from Afif al-Tabibi that he received payment.

  • December 01, 1948

    A Special Report

    Meeting between Iraqi delegation and King Abdullah.

  • 1949

    The Kurds and the Russians

    Document describes a meeting between a Russian official and an unnamed Kurdish man who is a Kurdish nationalist. They exchange information on 'army secrets.'

  • 1949

    Brotherhood's Meeting in Beirut

    Short report on a Muslim Brotherhood meeting in Beirut in the wake of the assassination of the president of the organization.

  • 1949

    Turkish Activities

    Report on Turkish intelligence activities in Lebanon.

  • 1949

    Report about the Situation in Jordan

    Full report on the political situation in Jordan, covering subjects including: King Abdullah's political status in Jordan, English involvement in Jordan and Syria, Jordanian ministries, Gaza, Jordanian-Israeli relations, Palestinian-Jordanians.

  • 1949

    British Policy in Syria

    Britain supports Syrian opposition parties--Hizb al-Shaab and the Baath Party.

  • January 24, 1949


    A receipt for funds recieved from Chehab.