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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • November 27, 1962

    Letter from Blas Roca in Regards to Post-Missile Crisis Cuba

    Letter from Blas Roca and Note Translated from President Osvaldo Dorticos. Among other things, he discusses American foreign policy in Cuba, including Guantanamo Bay and the U.S. invasions, and the significance of Marxism.

  • December 01, 1962

    Order Number 1 of the Commander of the Recolutionary Armed Forces of Cuba

    Order number 1 of the Commander of the Revolutionary Armed Forces in 1962. This document is about combat, preparedness, and organization within the various units of the Armed Forces.

  • December 02, 1962

    Letter from Ambassador Carlos Lechuga

    Letter from Ambassador Carlos Lechuga to Raul Roa, and note translated from President Osraldo Dorticos. Interview of Mikoyan with Kennedy. Interview with Mikoyan and Dean Rusk.

  • December 02, 1962

    Confidential Memo from Cuban Mission to the United Nations Concerning Anastas Mikoyan’s Conversations with US President John F. Kennedy (and Secretary of State Dean Rusk), with cover note from Cuban President Dorticos to Foreign Minister Roa

    A report from the Cuban Mission to the UN concerning a conversation with Anastas Mikoyan and US President John F. Kennedy and Secretary of State Dean Rusk. The three are mostly focused on discussing US-Latin American diplomatic relations, and concerns over American military presence in Latin America, specifically the US fly-overs. Kennedy continues to reiterate the US's position on 'no US invasion of Cuba.'

  • December 07, 1962

    Message from Mexican Foreign Ministry to Mexican Embassy, Rio de Janeiro

    A message from the Mexican Foreign Ministry to its Embassy stressing that is aware of the Brazilian government’s various proposals to intervene in the resolution of the Cuban-North American problem.

  • December 11, 1962

    Documents Concerning Conversations in Moscow between Cuban Communist Official Carlos Rafael Rodriguez and Soviet Leader Nikita Khrushchev

    The report of a conversation in Moscow between Cuban Communist Official Carlos Rafael Rodriguez and Soviet Leader Nikita Khrushchev, discussing Soviet-Cuban relations and public announcements of support.

  • December 12, 1962

    Report of the Conversation by Carlos Rafael Rodrigeuez with Nikita Jruschov, with the Presence of Anastas Mikoyan on 11 December 1962

    Report form Carlos Rafael Rodriguez about his interview with Nikita Khrushchev in Moscow on 11 December 1962. "Dinner with Khrushchev" notes: Rodriguez writes about a dinner he attended with Mikoyan, Khrushchev, official delegates, and friends.

  • December 30, 1962

    Words from Commander-in-Chief Dr. Fidel Castro at the Promotion of Officials Celebrated at the base La Cabana

    Words from Fidel Castro at the promotion of FAR officials held at La Cabana.

  • January 07, 1963

    Memorandum from Mexican Delegation, Organization of American States (OAS), Washington, on Informal Remarks by US United Nations Ambassador Adlai E. Stevenson

    At the request of the United States, the Council of the Organization of American States met, acting provisionally as Organ of Consultation, in a secret session, with the objective of listening to a speech by U.S. United Nations Ambassador Adlai Stevenson in relation to the issue of Cuba.

  • April 09, 1963

    Memorandum from Mexican Federal Director of Security re Cuban Revolutionary Council in Exile

    A memorandum from Mexican Federal Director of Security regarding the recently exiled Cuban Counter-Revolutionary Council's meeting with U.S. President Kennedy in Florida to ask him for greater support of the anti-Castro forces.

  • April 09, 1963

    Resignation Letter of Jose Miro Cardona to the Revolutionary Council of Cuba

    A resignation letter of Chairman Jose Miro Cardona to the Revolutionary Council of Cuba in which he outlines his role in the historical activities of the Council, as well as his concluding thoughts on the actions the Council should take.

  • May 29, 1963

    Agreement between Cubans and Soviets Regarding Defense and Technology

    Agreement between the government of Cuba and the government of the USSR concerning the installation of technical equipment of the Revolutionary Armed Forces, and in reinforcing the defensive capacity of the Republic of Cuba and annexes. Includes timetables and charts outlining the import of resources from the Soviets to the Cubans over a period of several years.

  • May 31, 1963

    Telegram from Sergio del Valle Jimenes

    The document is a telegram to Sergio del Valle Jimenes about the agreement reached between the USSR and Cuba. Both governments decided to annul the 30 Sept. 1961 agreement (Annex I) for airplanes, materials, and spare parts.

  • June 28, 1963

    Memorandum from the Mexican chargé d’affaires in Washington (OAS) regarding a meeting between Alexis Johnson and Latin American Ambassadors

    At the request of the United States Delegation, the Council of the Organization of American States met this morning, in a “secret” session, acting provisionally as an Organ of Consultation, on the case of Cuba. The object of the meeting was to listen to Mr. Alexis Johnson, Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs, about the latest developments registered in Cuba. The talk was divided into three parts, namely: Presence of Soviet troops on the island; Visit by Prime Minister Fidel Castro to the Soviet Union; and Internal situation in Cuba.

  • October 21, 1963

    Flavio Bravo, Deputy Commander of the Cuban Forces in Algeria, to Raúl Castro, Algiers

    Flavio Bravo, deputy commander of the Cuban forces in Algeria, to Raúl Castro, Algiers, pp. 2-3 regarding the situation in Algeria and the behavior of different factions

  • December 03, 1963

    Notes from Carlos Lechuga in a New York bookstore

    October 22 1962 - December 03 1963. Personal notes of Ambassador Carlos Lechuga (transcription of the manuscript originally composed by Lechuga). Thoughts about the Cold War are organized in a loose timeline.

  • February, 1965

    Excerpt from Che Guevara's 'Pasajes de la Guerra Revolucionaria (Congo)'

    Excerpt from Che Guevara's "Pasajes de la guerra revolucionaria (Congo)" on his meeting with African liberation movement leaders in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania describing the inability to convince them to fight for a greater cause than the freedom of individual republics.

  • February 03, 1965

    Airgram A-691 from the US Embassy in Argentina to the Department of State, 'Argentine Sale of Uranium Oxide to Israel'

    This airgram details a meeting with Admiral Quihillalt, director of the National Atomic Energy Commission of Argentinia, who notes that since the deal with Israel had been concluded before the IAEA established protocols for safeguard measures, the Argentine government did not feel the need to include reporting and inspection requirements. However, safeguards would be placed on future sales. Attached is a note from the Argentine Foreign Ministry, with an unofficial translation.

  • November 04, 1965

    Cable from Fernández Padilla to Che Guevara

    Cable from Fernández Padilla, head of the Cuban intelligence station in Dar-es-Salaam, to Che Guevara, who was in the Congo, regarding the contents of a letter from Castro to Che.

  • July 04, 1967

    A Report from the Mexican Embassy in Havana, 4 July 1967

    A visit of Soviet Premier Alexei Kosygin from 26-30 June 1967 prompts this report from the Mexican Embassy in Havanna to the Secretary of Foreign Relations in Mexico City. They discuss: the position assumed by the Cuban Government and Communist Party in relation to Latin America, the Middle East and Vietnam, the internal administration of Cuba and the political operation in Cuba.