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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • 1969

    Proposal from Angel Solakov to CC BCP Secretariat on Sending a Ministry Representative to Warsaw

    A proposal from the Minister of Internal Affairs to the BCP CC for putting one counter-intelligence operative on staff in the Bulgarian Embassy in Warsaw.

  • January 23, 1969

    Information from Gen. V. Terziev on Military Counterintelligence Agents-Operational Activities During the Military Operation in Czechoslovakia

  • February 06, 1969

    Bulgarian State Security Plan for Operational Measures toward Yugoslav, Romanian, and Czechoslovak Military Attaches

  • 1970

    Review from Gen. Grigor Grigorov on Subversive Activities of Turkish Intelligence 1968-1969

    Report on the work of Turkish intelligence services in Bulgaria.

  • September 29, 1970

    Protocol of a Conference of Representatives of the Ministries of Internal Affairs and State Security held in Warsaw on 28-29 September 1970

    Agreement for cooperation between the intelligences agencies of Bulgaria, Hungary, East Germany, Poland, Romania, Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union on "measures to ensure the safety of civilian aircraft from hijacking, [and] acts of sabotage."

  • January 21, 1971

    Letter from Y. Andropov to A. Solakov with Gratitude for Materials from West Germany, Switzerland and Turkey

  • March 24, 1971

    Correspondence between Bulgarian State Security and KGB on Obtaining Electronic Equipment

  • June 14, 1971

    Report from P. Stoyanov on Collaboration with KGB on Operational Equipment

  • July 08, 1971

    KGB Request for Research on a New Method of Dr. Lozanov in Bulgaria

  • December 09, 1971

    Letter from Y.Andropov to Gen. A. Tzanev Thanking Him for IBM Documentation

  • December 30, 1971

    Information on Collaboration between Bulgarian Ministry of the Interior and KGB for 1970-1971

  • January 28, 1972

    KGB Request to not Supply the Other Socialist Countries with Received Operative Equipment

  • March 05, 1972

    Information on Y.Andropov Meeting with Bulgarian Leadership During his Visit to Sofia

  • July 04, 1972

    KGB Request for Help in Operation in the "Golden Sands" Resort near Varna

  • September 20, 1972

    Bulgarian Politburo decision on Intelligence Activity Against China

    BCP CC Politburo approves the request of the Minister of Internal Affairs, Angel Tzanev, for an increase in the intelligence staff in response to the need for expanding intelligence operations in China, Albania, Romania, Yugoslavia and Vietnam – a move closely coordinated with the KGB.

  • February 19, 1973

    Information from Bulgaria on the Dismissal of Charges Against Army Officers for Anti-Party and Anti-State Activity

    Information regarding the reaction of a group of 16 Bulgarian Armed Forces officers, discharged for “anti-party and anti-state activity”. Some of them were rehabilitated with a CC BCP Secretariat Resolution “B-9” on October 13, 1972. The BCP CC’s Military Department recommends that the State Security Committee’s Sixth Directorate continue monitoring the group. KDS should also brief regularly the BCP CC about the behavior of those former officers who have not yet been rehabilitated. While those with favorable disposition towards the Party line should be recommended for future rehabilitation, others who are still standing on “anti-party” positions must be warned in the course.

  • March 16, 1973

    Letter from Gen. A.Tzanev to E. Mielke with Acquired Intelligence Information

  • March 30, 1973

    KGB Information No. 210 on Kim Philbey (aka Tom) Visit to Bulgaria

  • May 03, 1973

    Bulgarian Ministry of the Interior, Correspondence with KGB on Technical Assistance to a Bulgarian State Security Operation

  • July 24, 1973

    Letter from Gen. D. Stoyanov to E. Mielke Regarding Acquired Intelligence Information