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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • December 26, 1956

    Interviews with Hungarian Refugees on Western Broadcasts

    Bonn Embassy official T.M. Rechnagel, reports his impressions of interviews with some 100 refugees in the Salzburg area in December

  • January 07, 1957

    Memorandum from Frank G. Wisner for the International Organizations Division Chief, 'Reflections on Radio Free Europe's Present Position and Potentials; Lines for Poland, etc.' [Declassified September 19, 2016]

    Frank Wisner, reflecting on the Hungarian Revolution, suggests that Soviet Communism is on the defensive and RFE broadcasts to Poland should discourage violence while supporting Party leader Gomulka’s efforts to gain more autonomy from the Soviet Union. IOD Chief Cord Meyer annotates the memorandum.

  • January 10, 1957

    Memorandum for [withheld], 'Reappraisal of U.S. Propaganda Broadcasting' [Declassified May 6, 2019]

    The State Department forwards to CIA a memorandum calling for fundamental reorientation and curtailment of RFE and RL broadcasts.

  • January 10, 1957

    Memorandum from the CIA Librarian to the Chief of the International Organizations Division, 'Personal Comments on RFE Broadcasting to Hungary, 24 October-4 November 1956' [Approved for Release, March 2007]

    A CIA official reviews Hungarian RFE broadcasts.

  • January 14, 1957

    CIA Librarian, 'Report on a Review of Radio Free Europe Broadcasts Beamed to Hungary, from 24 October to 4 November 1956' [Approved for Release, March 2007]

    Report of the CIA Librarian, who with other CIA Hungarian speakers reviewed tapes of RFE Hungarian broadcasts from October 24 to November 4, 1956 and provided responses to seven questions posed by IOD. He provided personal comments in a separate memorandum dated January 10

  • January 17, 1957

    Letter to Khrushchev from Radio Moscow Service Urging Creation of Warsaw Pact Radio Station

    The following letter to Khrushchev in 1957 by members of the German Service of Radio Moscow proposed establishing a Soviet international broadcaster structured along the lines of Radio Free Europe, with formal independence from the government. Indirectly it acknowledges the effectiveness of RFE broadcasts.

  • January 26, 1957

    Telegram No. 2849 from Conant (Bonn) to the Secretary of State [Approved for Release November 2006]

    Verbatim exchange between an East German journalist and West German Chancellor Adenauer

  • March 05, 1957

    State Department and CIA Officials Discuss Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberation

    Robert Murphy, Allen Dulles, and other officials review on March 2 State Department recommendations contained in a memorandum dated January 10 [document not released] and agree that the charter of the Committee on Radio Broadcasting Policy (CRBP) include drafting Radio Free Europe (RFE) country policy guidances and considering reductions in RFE broadcasts

  • March 18, 1957

    Views of Ambassador Wailes on Hungarian Situation

    Ambassador Edward T. Wailes and Hungarian Embassy DCM Leonard Meeker brief International Organizations Division (IOD) officers on Hungarian developments and their appraisal of Radio Free Europe's role in late 1956

  • June 05, 1957

    Radio Free Europe Coverage of Imre Nagy Reviewed

    An International Organizations Division (IOD) officer in the CIA critically reviews treatment of Imre Nagy in RFE Hungarian broadcasts in October-November 1956

  • August 09, 1957

    Committee on Radio Broadcasting Policy Discussion

    An International Organizations Division (IOD) officer recounts differences among the Committee on Radio Broadcasting Policy (CRBP) members about Radio Free Europe (RFE) country policy papers and discerns considerable overlap between RFE and the Voice of America (VOA).

  • August 20, 1957

    Radio Free Europe Broadcasting Policy for Poland

    Policy guidelines for Radio Free Europe broadcasts to Poland as approved by the Committee on Radio Broadcasting Policy.

  • August 21, 1957

    Committee on Radio Broadcasting Policy Minutes

    Minutes of CRBP meeting on August 20, 1957

  • September 01, 1957

    Policy Guidance for Radio Free Europe on UN Special Session on Hungary

    International Organizations Division drafts policy guidelines for RFE broadcasts

  • January 30, 1958

    Radio Free Europe Broadcasts to Poland Reappraised

    Radio Free Europe, State Department, and CIA officials review Radio Free Europe broadcasts to Poland in response to State Department criticism

  • June 02, 1958

    Voice of America and Radio Free Europe Polish Broadcasts Reviewed

    Minutes of a Committee on Radio Broadcasting Policy meeting on April 17, 1958, focused on State Department criticisms of RFE broadcasts to Poland

  • June 15, 1958

    Gray Broadcasting Operations

    Attachments to a letter from Allen Dulles to President Eisenhower define “gray broadcasting” and summarize Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty operations.

  • September 15, 1958

    Report to Central Committee on Press Conference about 'Provocative and Subversive Activities of American Radio Stations'

    Description of a 1958 press conference in Moscow organized by the State Committee on Cultural Relations, with KGB assistance, to discredit Western broadcasts to the USSR and Eastern Europe. The press conference drew on the presence of alleged former employees of the radio stations.

  • January 05, 1959

    Moscow Dispatch No. 375, Some Considerations Regarding US Policy Toward the USSR

    Foreign Service Officer David Mark, reporting in Moscow Dispatch No. 375, suggests changes in US policy to embrace reduction of “pressure-generating activities” on Eastern Europe, including Radio Free Europe (RFE). Ambassador Llwellyn E. Thompson dissents but suggests that RFE broadcasts might be halted in exchange for an end to Soviet jamming [of Voice of America and other Western broadcasts].

  • January 27, 1959

    Cord Meyer, Jr., 'Policy Guidance and Program Review for Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberation' [Approved for Release May 6, 2019]

    CIA official Cord Meyer reviews RFE and RL responses to program changes directed by the interagency Committee on Radio Broadcast Policy.