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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • August, 1973

    Letter from Enver Hoxha to Kim Il Sung

    In this letter to Kim Il Sung, Enver Hoxha addresses issues surrounding the division and reunification of Korea, and offers his support to North Korea's reunification proposals.

  • August, 1973

    Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Note, No. 01/010123/73, Secret

    Romanian official reports on the progress of the 6 year plan and the intensive industrial and agricultural projects taking place around North Korea. Alongside improvements in the living standards of the Korean people, the report also notes Pyongyang's efforts to strengthen the military capabilities of the state. The document also mentions rise in food price since 1971, North Korea's support for revolutionary movements in Asia and North Korea's plans for the ascension of a single Korean state to the UN.

  • August, 1973

    Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Note, No. 01/010124/73, Secret

    The document outlines Romania's position regarding the issue of unification of the Korean Peninsula. After a summary of inter-Korean negotiations thus far, the report concludes that the two Koreas are moving very slowly because both sides are attempting to gain advantage over the other. Nonetheless, Romania declares its firm support of the DPRK.

  • August 02, 1973

    Memorandum of Conversation Between the Head of the China Desk in the East German Foreign Ministry and the First Secretary of the Chinese Embassy, Tji Hai-yuan

    This is a memorandum on a conversation reflecting the differences of opinion between the head of the China Desk in the East German Foreign Ministry and the First Secretary of the Chinese Embassy Tji Hai-yuan with regard to the intended establishment of a Chinese trade representation in West Berlin. East Berlin is clearly concerned such a step might favor West Germany's alleged goal of winning sovereignty over West Berlin, in violation of the Four Power Agreement. Tji states that he does not understand the East German position, and that the activities of Chinese diplomats in West Berlin are in accordance with international law. He rejects the notion that these relations might conceivably harm the interests of East Germany.

  • August 03, 1973

    Letter to Erich Honecker from Kim Il Sung

    Kim Il Sung explains US actions in South Korea and North Korean ideas to achieve a peaceful reunification of Korea ("five-point-plan").

  • August 04, 1973

    Teletype message by Federal Chancellor, Brandt to the President of the United States of America, Nixon 4 August 1973

    Willy Brandt's response to President Nixon sharing his interests in the area of security between European and American partners in the Atlantic Alliance. In this letter Brandt also gives his opinions on the previously held East-West conferences.

  • August 07, 1973

    All-China Sports Federation Application for Chinese Membership in the Asian Games Federation

    After withdrawing from international sports events during the Cultural Revolution, the People's Republic of China recreated ties with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) through the Asian Games. In the application, the PRC asserted it's right to represent all of China "including the Taiwan province" and be recognized as "the sole legitimate organization representing China."

  • August 10, 1973

    Intelligence Note, Polish Embassy in Bucharest, 'Regarding Soviet-Romanian Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance'

    The Polish Embassy in Romania reports on the changed text to the updated Soviet-Romanaian treaty. The main differences were the exclusion of references to West Germany, the Warsaw Pact, and obligations of mutual military assistance.

  • August 16, 1973

    Discussion between Zhou Enlai and Pham Van Dong

    Zhou Enlai discusses his concerns regarding US negotiations in Cambodia.

  • August 29, 1973

    Telegram from Pyongyang, No.061.360, Urgent, SECRET

    The document mentions a forthcoming North Korean condemnation of Kim Dae-jung's abduction in Tokyo by KCIA agents. The author states that the declaration will ask Lee Hu-rak to be removed from co-presidency of the North-South Coordination Committee. Pyongyang seeks Romanian support in publicizing the North Korean position.

  • September 09, 1973

    Cryptogram No 1144 from Polish Embassy in Beijing, Romanian Diplomats in China

    The Polish Embassy in Beijing reports that the Romanian ambassador is taking a hard line towards diplomats from other European socialist countries, avoiding contact, boycotting their receptions, and providing disinformation to them.

  • September 11, 1973

    Memorandum, Branch Office of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Trade in North Korea to the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Trade

    Polish and Korean officials meet to discuss and arrange technical and scientific cooperation. Both sides agree to a mutual exchange of technicians.

  • September 12, 1973

    R.J. Montgomery, South African Ambassador, Lisbon, to Sekretaris van Buitelandse Sake, 'Besoek aan Angola en Mosambiek: Augustus 1973'

  • September 13, 1973

    Information About the Appraisal of the 10th CCP Party Congress in the DPRK

    About North Korea's attempt to develop relations with China, but still within the range of polity of balance.

  • September 13, 1973

    Note On a Meeting in the Embassy of Czechoslovakia on 5 September 1973

    This document covers the issue of North Korea's policy of balancing between China and Soviet Union.

  • September 17, 1973

    KGB Request on Exchange of an Arrested KGB Agent in Tunisia

  • September 18, 1973

    Iranian-Japanese Motion to the Asian Games Federation on the Participation of the People's Republic of China

    Motion for the acceptance of the People's Republic of China into the Asian Games Federation.

  • September 18, 1973

    Politburo Sends Letter to COSVN, Region 5, Tri-Thien, Saigon, Hue, and Danang

    A letter, presumably written by Le Duan, offers a clarion call for war in the wake of the Paris Peace Accords.

  • September 20, 1973

    Minutes of Conversation between Todor Zhivkov – Leonid I. Brezhnev, Voden Residence [Bulgaria]

    The two leaders discuss trade agreements, the situation in the Balkans, and policies toward Yugoslavia, Romania and the PRC.

  • September 27, 1973

    Assessment of the proposal by the FRG delegation regarding the principles of prohibiting the threat or use of force, the inviolability of frontiers, and the territorial integrity of states, submitted on 26 September 1973

    An assessment of a proposal submitted on 26 September 1973 with particular regard to the inviolability of frontiers.