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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • October 02, 1974

    Die Militêre Milieu in Suider-Afrika Waarin die RSA Hom Tans Bevind

  • October 02, 1974

    Domestic Security Service (BVD), Aurora Report

    Intelligence briefing including mention of the Japanese Red Army attack on the French Embassy in the Hague.

  • October 09, 1974

    Intelligence Information No 114 from Gen. V. Zikulov to T. Zhivkov on Iran–Iraq Relations

  • October 14, 1974

    Ion Pățan and Ștefan Andrei, 'Memorandum: Issues Raised by the Palestinian Delegation'

    A memorandum discussing Palestine requesting financial aid and supplies from Romania.

  • October 15, 1974

    Meeting between the Hon. Prime Minister and the Zambians

  • October 19, 1974

    COSVN Party Current Affairs Committee Provides Guidance for the Political Struggle in the Cities of South Vietnam for the Final Days of 1974

    The COSVN seeks to support the Buddhist and Catholic protest movements in South Vietnam.

  • October 23, 1974

    Statement by the Prime Minister, the Honourable B.J. Vorster, in the Senate on 23 October 1974

  • October 26, 1974

    Address by His Excellency the President, Dr. K.D. Kaunda on the Occasion of the Conferment of the Degree Of Ll.D (Honoris Causa), University Of Zambia, Saturday, October 26, 1974

  • November, 1974

    COSVN and the COSVN Military Headquarters Decide to Launch a Wave of Operations during the 1974-1975 Dry Season

    In late November 1974 COSVN and the COSVN Military Headquarters approved a decision to launch a 1974-1975 Dry Season Campaign, divided into two waves of operations

  • November 04, 1974

    Meeting in Pretoria between Zambian, Rhodesian and South African Representatives

    Zambia wishes to assist in the normalization of the political situation in Rhodesia and the promotion of genuine peace.

  • November 04, 1974

    Conversation with Comrade Pimenov, Counselor at USSR Embassy, on 29 October 1974

    Summary of the meeting addressing the invitation extended by the Soviet Union to Kim Il Sung and the relationship between the DPRK and South Korea.

  • November 05, 1974

    Border security agreement between Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union and rules simplifying crossing of the Czechoslovak-Soviet border for citizens of the two countries

    This protocol between the border security forces of Czechoslovakia and the USSR is aimed at facilitating the exchange of bilateral information between the two forces (per the agreement of March, 1961), discussing the findings of both security organizations from May 1972 to October 1974 and coordinating a new border security agreement. This document also includes data on telephone connections in the border regions. The two delegations agreed upon rules concerning the simplified border passage of Czechoslovak and Soviet citizens.

  • November 09, 1974

    Telegram from the Romanian Embassy in Cairo, to the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 028.028, November 9, 1974, Secret

    Romanian Consulate in Cairo reporting that Kissinger and Arafat did not meet in Cairo, despite the news reports.

  • November 11, 1974

    Telegram from the Romanian Embassy in Tunis, to the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 074.388, November 11, 1974, Secret

    Romanian embassy in Tunis reporting that Henry Kissinger and Yasir Arafat did not meet due to a disagreement between the PLO and the United States about how official or secret the meeting would be.

  • November 12, 1974

    GDR Ambassador Pyongyang to Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Berlin

    Excerpt from East German ambassador's message about the defection of a North Korean security officer. The officer describes the increasing promotion of Kim Jong Il as a potential successor to his father.

  • November 13, 1974

    Guidance (No. 288) on Implementing the Resolution of the Central Military Party Committee in Combat and Force-Building Missions in 1975

    Based on the strategic plan of the Politburo and the Central Military Party Committee on gaining victory in the next few years, the Central Military Party Committee met to make a detailed, concrete assessment of the situation in 1974 and laid out guidelines, missions, and a concrete plan to be carried out by the different battlefields in 1975.

  • November 14, 1974

    Hungarian Embassy in the DPRK, Telegram, 14 November 1974. Subject: Economic relations between the DPRK and the DRV.

    The establishment of economic relations between North Korea and Vietnam is discussed. There is a reported delay in the transfer of raw materials from North Korea.

  • November 15, 1974

    Letter, Kenneth Kaunda to J.B. Vorster

  • November 15, 1974

    Telegram from the Romanian Embassy in London, to the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 048.478, November 15, 1974, Secret

    Romanian embassy in London reporting that the United States has not given its opinion on the Palestinian question and is waiting for the UN to have further discussions.

  • November 19, 1974

    Telegram from the Romanian Embassy in Vienna, to the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 076945, November 19, 1974

    Telegram saying that Henry Kissinger and Yasir Arafat are preparing to meet.