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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • November 25, 1974

    Domestic Security Service (BVD), Panorama Report, '1 April 1974 - 1 October 1974’

    A report in which the BVD testified in broad terms to the Department of Home Affairs about its activities in the past 6 months

  • December 02, 1974

    Minutes of Conversation between Comrade Nicolae Ceausescu and Kim Dong-gyu

    Kim and Ceausescu discuss the international political atmosphere. Kim shows his concern for the intensification of dissident movements in South Korea. The conversation highlights the fragility of military dictatorships as evidenced by the cases of Portugal and Greece.

  • December 03, 1974

    Telegram from London to the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 048.604, December 3, 1974

    A telegram discussing the possible allies the Palestine Liberation Organization has in the United States, USSR, U.K., and especially in Romania.

  • December 16, 1974

    US Department of State, Intelligence Note, 'Rhodesia: A Breakthrough Toward Settlement?'

    Description of Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith's new announcement regarding the settling of Rhodesia's nine year old constitutional stalemate. Hostilities would cease and negotiations would be renewed, along with a release of all African political detainees.

  • December 19, 1974

    Plan regarding coordination between the Czechoslovak Ministry of the Interior and the Soviet KGB for the years 1975 -1977

    This plan broadly outlines coordination between the security organs of the CSSR and SSSR for the years 1975, 1976 and 1977. The two parties pledge to implement joint operations to detect and prevent hostile activities and protect bilateral and unilateral state secrets. Protocol on short-term entrance and exit to both territories is discussed, as is the exchange of operational information on hostile activities of foreign governments; scientific-technical and trade exchanges are also part of this agreement. Rules governing international flights, rail commerce and shipping lines are contained in the last section of this plan.

  • December 20, 1974

    Record of Discussion between Foreign Ministers of North Korea and the Mongolian People’s Republic

    In his discussion with the Foreign Minister of the Mongolian People's Republic, the Foreign Minister of North Korea discusses North Korea's efforts to spread socialism in North Korea and resist American imperialism in South Korea to bring about the unification of the Korean peninsula.

  • December 21, 1974

    Record of a Meeting between Kim Il Sung and L. Rinchin

    Kim Il Sung and the MPR Foreign Minister comrade L. Rinchin have a conversation regarding North Korean-Mongolian relations, their economic conditions and policies, and Korean reunification.

  • December 21, 1974

    The Record of Conversation between Foreign Minister of Mongolian People's Republic and President Kim Il Sung of North Korea at 21 Dec., 1974

    During the Foreign Minister of the Mongolian People's Republic's visit to Pyongyang, Kim Il Sung thanks Mongolia for its support of Korea's unification and welcomes discussion on each country's economic situation. Kim Il Sung also laments North Korea's military burden, expressing distaste for American imperialism.

  • December 22, 1974

    General Staff Cable on the C3+C4 Campaign Desires of the High Command, sent to the B3 Front

    Cable from the General Staff detailing campaign plans of the Senior Leadership of the High Command to exploit an offensive posture and open up a strategic corridor to transform the balance of forces.

  • January, 1975

    Informational Note from the Talks in the CC CPSU

    A note on the development of Chinese Anti-Sovietism and militarization.

  • 1975

    Meeting Transcript, Kissinger and Brezhnev Discuss Angola in Moscow

    Kissinger questions Brezhnev about Cuban involvement in Angola and asks if the Cubans will withdraw if the South Africans do. Brezhnev gives no definitive answers.

  • 1975

    Peace Agreement Suggested by North Korea

    A summary of various proposals for peace suggested by the North Korean government from June 1954 to the mid-1970s.

  • 1975

    Central Military Party Committee to General Van Tien Dung

    Cable from Vo Nguyen Giap reporting on the enemies' tactics and the Politburo's strategic plan to attack in the focal point sector.

  • 1975

    Proposals from the State Committee for Nuclear Energy, 'Regarding: the President of State Committee for Nuclear Energy’s candidacy for the Presidency of 19th General Conference of the IAEA'

    Proposal for Romania to chair the 19th General Conference of the IAEA.

  • 1975

    Materials from the 4th Army for the Exercise Critique Group for Soyuz-75

    This document is an evaluation of the effectiveness and applicability of the Soyuz-75 military exercise. According to the author, Division General Wojciech Baranski, Soyuz-75 was a success. The experience gained from the exercise will be used in future military training.

  • 1975

    Adeeb al-Shishakli. Attempts to Stage Military Coups in Syria

    Description of Al-Shishakli's visits to Beirut and Damascus to organize a Syrian military coup and Chehab's ensuing meeting with the Prime Minister.

  • 1975

    Report of the Romanian Delegation to the Socialist Countries Meeting before the General Conference of the IAEA

    Consultative meeting organized prior to the IAEA General Conference.

  • 1975

    Cables between the Brazilian Embassy in Washington and the Brazilian Foreign Ministry on the Transfer of Nuclear Material

    A series of correspondence between Brazilian Foreign Ministry and Brazilian Ambassador to the US about the transfer of nuclear material from France to Brazil. Myron Kratzer, Acting Assistant Secretary for Scientific Affairs in the US, expressed his concern over the fact the nuclear material was of American origin.

  • January, 1975

    On Japan's Ratification of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT)

    An internal record evaluating the arguments in favor of Japan's ratification of the NPT.

  • January 04, 1975

    Intelligence Information No 1 from Gen. V. Zikulov to T.Zhivkov on Personnel Changes in Romanian Army