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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • April 10, 1989

    Resolution of the CC CPSU Politburo, 'Measures to Normalize the Situation in Tbilisi'

    The CC CPSU Politburo approves the appeal of the Gorbachev to the Georgian SSR and resolves to take into account the views discussed at the Politburo meeting when normalizing the situation in Tbilisi.

  • May 19, 1989

    CPSU CC Memo, excerpt from Protocol #159/20, 19 May 1989

    This memo concerns military aid to Afghanistan for May-June 1989.

  • July 22, 1989

    CPSU CC Memo with Excerpt from Protocol #163/44, 22 July 1989

    The protocol deals with the further arming of Afghanistan and the training of Afghan servicemen in the USSR.

  • November 17, 1989

    CPSU CC Memo, excerpt from Protocol #172/1, 17 November 1989

    Concerns further Soviet relations with Ethiopia.

  • April 05, 1990

    CPSU CC Protocol #184/38, 05 April 1990

    This document concerns the meeting of the Politburo on the international division of the CPSU CC.

  • April 12, 1990

    Resolution of the Secretary of the CC CPSU, 12 April 1990

    On changes in the composition of war councils of some autonomous republics and regions of the RSFSR.

  • May 16, 1990

    CPSU CC Memo with extract of Politburo Protocol #187 of 16 May 1990 and other attachments

    Memo concerns a directive for the discussions with US Secretary of State James Baker between May 16 and 19, 1990 in Moscow. There are also attachments concerning the quantity of warheads , cooperation, and the armed forces of the US and USSR.