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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • November 15, 1974

    Letter, Kenneth Kaunda to J.B. Vorster

  • 1975

    Meeting Transcript, Kissinger and Brezhnev Discuss Angola in Moscow

    Kissinger questions Brezhnev about Cuban involvement in Angola and asks if the Cubans will withdraw if the South Africans do. Brezhnev gives no definitive answers.

  • January 05, 1975

    Telegram from the UK Embassy, Blantyre, to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

  • February 20, 1975

    J.F. Gaylard to Air Vice-Marshal H. Hawkins

  • March, 1975

    Memorandum, Lt-General Raymond Fullarton Armstrong, US Department of Defense, Israel-South Africa

    A memorandum written by Chief of the Defense Staff Lt-General Raymond Fullarton Armstrong describes South Africa's nuclear weapons systems needs and outlines the rationale for having a nuclear deterrent.

  • March 31, 1975

    Minutes of Second Israel-South Africa (ISSA) Meeting

    Meeting minutes of Israel-South Africa (ISSA) meeting which discuss the nomination of Lt. Gen. H. de V. du Toit as security official of South Africa.

  • June 04, 1975

    Notes on Meeting between Israeli and South African Ministers of Defense Shimon Peres and P.W. Botha in Zurich

    Summary of meeting between Israeli Minister Shimon Peres and South African Minister P. W. Botha in Zurich. They discuss stalled negotiations between South Africa and Israel for a project to produce lightweight fighters and other military equipment.

  • June 04, 1975

    Comparison of Notes on a Meeting Between Minister S. Peres and Minister P.W. Botha, Held in Zurich

    A list of edits to be made to meeting notes taken during the second Israel-South Africa (ISSA) meeting between Israel Minister Peres and South African Minister Botha.

  • June 30, 1975

    Meeting Minutes Regarding ISSA (Israel-South Africa Agreement)

    Minutes from the third ISSA meeting between representatives of the Israeli and South African governments, including Minsters Botha and Peres. Missile delivery systems and other military equipment are discussed.

  • July 01, 1975

    Notes and Agenda Related to Israel-South Africa Meeting in Lisbon

    Meeting notes and accompanying documents on Israel-South Africa (ISSA) meeting.

  • December 03, 1975

    Memorandum of Conversation with Chinese Delegation led by Vice Premier Deng Xiaoping

    Chinese delegation visits the White House and discusses Angola. The Chinese emphasize that South Africa must exit the conflict if there is to be any chance of rallying other African states to oppose Neto.

  • December 18, 1975

    Memorandum to Holders of Special National Intelligence Estimate, SNIE 4-1-74: Prospects for Further Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons

    This estimate updates the 1974 predictions, and analyzes the “earliest dates of the technical feasibility of possession of a nuclear device” of the Republic of China, Pakistan, South Africa, The Republic of Korea, Argentina and Brazil, among others.

  • January 30, 1976

    Resolution 385 of the United Nations Security Council on Namibia

    UN Security Council resolution condemning South Africa's occupation of and presence in Namibia, and demanding, among other things, that South Africa end apartheid in Namibia and release its Namibian political prisoners.

  • March 03, 1976

    South African Government Cabinet Minutes on Rhodesia, 3 March-1 September 1976

    Excerpts from discussions on the situation in Rhodesia, the possible implications that a hostile Rhodesia would pose to South African defense calculations, and the policies South Africa should pursue with regards to Rhodesia.

  • June, 1976

    Notes on April 1976 South African Visit to Israeli Scientific and Technical Intelligence Organization (LAKAM)

    Information on the organization, activities, and equipment of Israeli Bureau of Scientific Relations.

  • June 02, 1976

    Reply, French Minister of Foreign Affairs, 'Sale of Two Nuclear Plants to South Africa'

    French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jean Sauvagnargues, responds to an inquiry from the National Assembly regarding France's sale of two pressurized-water reactors to South Africa.

  • June 14, 1976

    Report on Dr. Hilgard Muller’s and Brand Fourie’s Reaction to 'Yesterday's meeting,' and Accompanying Memorandum

    South African opinions on situation in Rhodesia as well as prospects of external involvement in the conflict

  • June 23, 1976

    Conversation between Prime Minister of South Africa Balthazar Vorster and US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger

    Meeting of a US delegation headed by Henry Kissinger with South African officials including Prime Minister Vorster on the topic of the situation in Rhodesia, Smith's rule there, the military situation in that country, and the potential involvement of Cuba or China in the conflict.

  • July 31, 1976

    Agenda of South African Minister of Labor S. P. Botha’s Visit to Israel

    South African Minister of Labor and Mines, S. P. "Fanie" Botha visited Israel in connection with the lifting of safeguards on stockpiled South African yellowcake.

  • September 29, 1976

    Discussion between SWAPO with Dr Henry Kissinger, US Secretary of State, in New York

    Dr. Kissinger expresses his proposal for a conference on Namibia to be attended by SWAPO (South West Africa People's Organization), Turnhalle members, and South Africa. The Conference concerned the ongoing struggle for independence by Namibian guerrillas from South African rule. Kissinger pledged US support to SWAPO as the leading force in Namibia, but Namibian delegates responded that they would not attend the conference unless South Africa met all preconditions including the withdrawal of troops from Namibian territory.