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  • January 01, 1951

    Pacifists in Lebanon

    Report on an invitation for Pacifists from Damascus to come to Beirut, an upcoming Pacifists' meeting in Damascus.

  • July, 1951

    Untitled report on Communist activities in Syria

    An Iraqi communist visits Beirut and Damascus, and several meetings are convened regarding Soviet engagement, including a meeting a democratic lawyers and Democratic Youth Conferences.

  • September 02, 1951

    Disagreements Within a Party Branch

    A member of the Communist party, Comrade Joseph, criticizes the behavior of fellow party members during a meeting, as reported by several party members in attendance.

  • December 14, 1951

    Iraqi Activities in Lebanon

    Short document describing a meeting between an Iraqi Commissioner and Lebanese deputies in order to discuss a trade agreement in the aftermath of the Shishakli coup in Syria.

  • July 14, 1952

    Communist Activities

    Document discussing a visit by the Armenian Patriarchate, Armenian leftist parties in Syria and Lebanon, Jewish involvement in Communist activities in Beirut.

  • March 05, 1953

    Islamic Activities in Lebanon: Lecture by Professor Said Ramadan [Sa’īd Ramaḍān], Delivered on 5 March 1953 in the Hall of the Islamic Orphans’ Institution in Beirut

    Said Ramadan describes his travels to Morocco, Turkey, and Indonesia and his observations of Muslim civilizations.

  • May 12, 1954

    Report about a Member of the Parti Populaire

    Report on a Palestinian agent of the Parti Populaire Syrien who is an employee of the Beirut office of the Arab Higher Commission.

  • 1956

    Egyptian Activities in Lebanon

    List of Egyptian companies in Beirut that employ members of Egyptian intelligence officers and names of the officers.

  • July 01, 1958

    Untitled report on the security situation in Beirut

    Militant leaderships in Beirut are unified and receive ammunition, as the movement intensifies.

  • July 05, 1958

    Untitled report to the Director of the Sûreté Générale concerning security in Lebanon

    Account of two recent meetings at an arm of the Soviet Embassy in Beirut regarding the political status of Lebanon, and communists distribute pamphlets calling on security forces to join the masses.

  • February 21, 1971

    The Preparatory Conference of the League of Arabian Gulf Students in Beirut

    Report on a conference of Gulf students and their statement regarding independence efforts in the Arabian Gulf.

  • 1975

    Adeeb al-Shishakli. Attempts to Stage Military Coups in Syria

    Description of Al-Shishakli's visits to Beirut and Damascus to organize a Syrian military coup and Chehab's ensuing meeting with the Prime Minister.

  • October 25, 1980

    A Commercial Enterprise Manages the Economic Interests of the Palestine Liberation Organisation in Beirut, in particular Fateh's.

    Fatah and the PLO appoint the African-Arab Contracting Company in Beirut.

  • July 23, 1982

    Captain Ion Iordache, No. 32/II/0012309/23.07.1982, 'Memo [on a Meeting with "MARIAN"]'

    Memo about information coming from PLO informants about the Israeli invasion into Lebanon and the ensuing conflict.

  • 1983

    The Secret Armenian Army

    Report on the Armenian Secret Army's locations across the Middle East, Europe, and other parts of the globe.

  • August 12, 1989

    National Intelligence Daily for Saturday, 12 August 1989

    The CIA’s National Intelligence Daily for 12 August 1989 describes the latest developments in Lebanon, Iran, Syria, Somalia, the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, South Africa, Ecuador, Namibia, and Cuba.

  • September 07, 1989

    National Intelligence Daily for Thursday, 7 September 1989

    The CIA’s National Intelligence Daily for 7 September1989 describes the latest developments in the United States, Colombia, South Africa, Lebanon, Netherlands, Poland, Czechoslovakia, the Soviet Union, Belize, Bolivia, Argentina, and Iran.

  • December 29, 1990

    National Intelligence Daily for Saturday, 29 December 1990

    The CIA’s National Intelligence Daily for 29 December 1990 describes the latest developments in Iraq, Kuwait, Yemen, the Soviet Union, Poland, Lebanon, and Eastern Europe.

  • May 09, 1991

    National Intelligence Daily for Thursday, 9 May 1991

    The CIA’s National Intelligence Daily for 9 May 1991 describes the latest developments in Iraq, Kuwait, Israel, Lebanon, the Soviet Union, India, Pakistan, Yemen, Cambodia, the United Nations and Panama.