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  • November 28, 1973

    Telegram from G.L. Malik, Indian Ambassador to Chile

    Malik reflects on whether President Allende died by suicide or was murdered.

  • December 17, 1973

    Telegram from J.S. Teja, Joint Secretary AMS, 'Self-contained note on the Government of India’s attitude to the developments in Chile'

    Report on the death of President Allende by the Chilean Armed Forces

  • April 30, 1975

    Telegram from L.L. Mehorta, Charge d’Affaires in Beijing

    China’s stance towards India and Pakistan, and a Pakistani proposal for a nuclear-free zone in South Asia

  • May 05, 1975

    Political Report for the Month of April 1975, K.N. Mohta, Charge d’affaires, 'President Kekkonen’s Foreign Policy'

    President Kekkonen’s foreign policy towards the Soviet Union was more active and vigorous, based on Finland’s geo-political situation.

  • May 05, 1975

    Political Report for the Month of April 1975, L. N. Ray, High Commissioner, 'ANZUS Meeting in 1975 after the victory by the Communist forces in Indo-China'

    Australia and New Zealand stress the importance of closer consultation with them on matters concerning their security and the US strategy in the entire region.

  • June 06, 1975

    Political Report on the Month of May,1975, Meeting between US President Ford and New Zealand Prime Minister Rowling

    The US and New Zealand will maintain amicable relations and cooperate for a Pacific nuclear-free zone

  • July 02, 1975

    Letter, L. N. Ray, High Commissioner of India, Wellington, 'French Nuclear Test'

    France conducted a nuclear test on the South Pacific atoll which New Zealand criticized.

  • September 03, 1975

    Political Report for July and August 1975, S. Bikram Shah, Ambassador, 'The Nordic Foreign Ministers’ meeting in Oslo'

    The Foreign Ministers did not oppose discussion of the Finnish proposal for the creation of a nuclear-free zone in the United Nations

  • September 04, 1975

    Political Report for the Month of August 1975, 'Proposal for a nuclear-free zone in the South Pacific'

    New Zealand and Fiji jointly made a formal application to the United Nations for inclusion in its agenda their proposal for a nuclear-free zone in the South Pacific.

  • September 17, 1975

    Telegram from L.L Mehrotra, Charge d’Affaires in Beijing

    Report from New Zealand's Ambassador to China on a conversation between New Zealand’s Press Delegation and Vice Premier Teng Hsia-ping. They discussed China's policies on opposing nuclear proliferation.

  • September 17, 1975

    Telegram from L.L Mehrotra, Charge d’Affaires in Beijing

    China’s stance on Asian collective security and India-Soviet relations

  • January 05, 1976

    Political Report for the Month of December 1975, 'Pacific Nuclear-free Zone and the ANZUS Pact'

    New Zealand concerns the incompatibility between the proposal of the Pacific Nuclear-free Zone and the ANZUS Pact

  • February 28, 1976

    Telegram from S. Shahabuddin, Joint Secretary (S), South East Asia Division, 'Proposal for Establishment of Zone of Peace in Indian Ocean'

    Summary of Indian efforts to make the Indian Ocean a "zone of peace."

  • June 25, 1977

    Ministry of External Affairs, (AMS Division), 'The Nuclear Issue in Latin America'

    Nuclear proliferation in Latin America.

  • June 27, 1977

    Telegram from A. Madhavan, Joint Secretary (AMS)

    Argentina and Brazil engaged in different nuclear policies: Argentina has gone for the heavy water reactor, while Brazil has gone for light water reactor

  • October 24, 1977

    Telegram from K. V. Rajan, First Secretary (Pol), 'Agha Shahi’s meeting with [Cyrus] Vance'

    Reported comments by Agha Shahi’s on relations with the United States, India, and nuclear weapons.

  • June 11, 1981

    Cable from Embassy Baghdad to Foreign Ministry in Delhi on United States-West Asia relations

    Indian diplomats speculated at the time that the suspension of the delivery of the F-16 jets was potentially a U.S. gesture of goodwill toward Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, aimed at appeasing him and keeping the embryonic peace process with Israel alive.

  • November 27, 1981

    Telegram No.: MEX/104/1/81, Secretary Haig’s Visit to Mexico (November 23-24)

    The US ratified additional protocol I to the Treaty of Tlateloco for the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons in Latin America.

  • March 25, 1983

    Telegram No. BUE/101/1/82, K.F. Ernest, First Secretary, Embassy of India, Buenos Aires, Falkland Islands War

    Analysis after Argentina's defeat in the Falklands War.