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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • December 09, 1971

    Letter from Y.Andropov to Gen. A. Tzanev Thanking Him for IBM Documentation

  • December 30, 1971

    Information on Collaboration between Bulgarian Ministry of the Interior and KGB for 1970-1971

  • January 28, 1972

    KGB Request to not Supply the Other Socialist Countries with Received Operative Equipment

  • March 05, 1972

    Information on Y.Andropov Meeting with Bulgarian Leadership During his Visit to Sofia

  • June 15, 1972

    Letter from Y. Andropov to Gen. A. Tzanev Thanking Him for Materials on Algeria, India and the Netherlands

  • July 04, 1972

    KGB Request for Help in Operation in the "Golden Sands" Resort near Varna

  • March 16, 1973

    Letter from Gen. A.Tzanev to E. Mielke with Acquired Intelligence Information

  • March 30, 1973

    KGB Information No. 210 on Kim Philbey (aka Tom) Visit to Bulgaria

  • May 03, 1973

    Bulgarian Ministry of the Interior, Correspondence with KGB on Technical Assistance to a Bulgarian State Security Operation

  • July 24, 1973

    Letter from Gen. D. Stoyanov to E. Mielke Regarding Acquired Intelligence Information

  • September 17, 1973

    KGB Request on Exchange of an Arrested KGB Agent in Tunisia

  • October 05, 1973

    Info No. 996 KGB on Possible Hijacking of East European Airplanes by Arab terrorists

  • November 15, 1973

    Information No. 1138 KGB on Intentions of Arab Terrorists in Turkey

  • November 16, 1973

    Info from Czechoslovak Security Service on Yugoslav Intelligence Activity in Czechoslovakia

  • January 24, 1974

    Information No. 61 KGB Request for Data from the Interrogation Protocols for Israeli Spy Henrich Shpeter Arrested in Sofia

  • June 22, 1974

    Information No. 664 KGB, Bulgarian State Security Assistance on an Active Measures toward the United States

  • August 12, 1974

    Information No. 1053 KGB, Bulgarian State Security Assistance on an Active Measure toward the United States

  • July 15, 1975

    Information on Y. Andropov’ Statement to a Bulgarian Delegation Visiting Moscow

  • 1976

    Plan for the Working Meetings between Bulgarian and Hungarian Ministries of the Interior for 1976

    Meeting schedules of the working groups.

  • June 19, 1976

    Plan for Collaboration between Bulgarian and Polish Counterintelligence Services