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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • July 16, 1965

    Discussion between Mao Zedong and Hoang Van Hoan

    Mao Zedong advises Hoang Van Hoan to escalate without hesitation, as the war has already begun to do so.

  • July 20, 1965

    Note on Conversation Between Nicolae Ceausescu, Ion Gheorghe Maurer, and the Chinese Communist Party Delegation Led by Deng Xiaoping

    This note from the dinner participated in by Nicolae Ceausescu, Ion Gheorghe Maurer, and the Chinese C.P. delegatioin at the R.C.P. 9th Congress summarizes the points discussed, including the adoption of a motion regarding the situation in Vietnam, and whether or not the conflict can be peacefully resolved.

  • August 03, 1965

    Conversation from [Mao Zedong's] Audience with the French Minister of [Cultural] Affairs, [Georges André] Malraux

    Mao and Malraux discuss a variety of topics, ranging from the Chinese revolution to American aggression in Vietnam and Soviet revisionism.

  • August 12, 1965

    Record of Conversation between Premier Zhou and Trần Văn Thanh, Chief, Delegation in China of National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam

    Zhou Enlai and Trần Văn Thanh discuss the war in South Vietnam, Singapore's departure from the Federation of Malaya, and prospects for the Second Asian-African Conference.

  • August 19, 1965

    Note by the East German Envoy to Moscow, Rossmeisl, on Talks with Unnamed Soviet Vietnam Specialists

    Unnamed Soviet specialists claim that the USSR's aid to Vietnam is worth 1 million rubles per day. They also argue that because of the amount of aid, the Chinese propaganda claiming a lack of Soviet aid is losing ground among the population in North Vietnam, although the rumor still persists in the South.

  • September 03, 1965

    Record of Premier Zhou Enlai’s Fourth Conversation with Guinea’s Minister of Posts and Communications Minister Diop

    Zhou Enlai and Alhassane Diop discuss prospects a second Asian-African Conference as well as Soviet policy toward the Vietnam War.

  • September 09, 1965

    Conversation between Chairman Liu Shaoqi and Premier Zhou Enlai and Charge d'Affaires Jeong Bong-gyu at the 17th National Day Reception held at the North Korean Embassy

    Liu Shaoqi and Jeong Bong-gyu discuss the Indo-Pak War, the likelihood of holding the Second Asian-African Conference, and the war in Vietnam.

  • September 26, 1965

    Cable from the Chinese Embassy in North Korea, 'Supplement to the Cable of 25 September 1965'

    North Korea and China negotiate who will pay for the cost of shipping material aid to North Vietnam.

  • September 30, 1965

    Cable from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Foreign Economic and Trade Committee, 'We Agree to Transport North Korea's Material Aid for Vietnam'

    The Chinese government agrees to assist North Korea in shipping material aid to North Vietnam.

  • October 09, 1965

    Discussion between Zhou Enlai and Pham Van Dong

    Zhou Enlai addresses Pham Van Dong, not supporting the idea of Soviet volunteers entering Vietnam and discussing Cambodian involvement in the war.

  • October 12, 1965

    Cable from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Chinese Embassy in North Korea, 'On the Transportation of North Korea's Material Aid for Vietnam'

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs follows up on the work of China, North Vietnam, and North Korea to ship material aid from Korea to Vietnam.

  • November 01, 1965

    Letter from DRV Minister of Public Security Tran Quoc Hoan to GDR Minister of State Security Erich Mielke

    Tran Quoc Hoan writes requesting further technical assistance and training from the Stasi.

  • November 10, 1965

    Memorandum of the First Conversation between Premier Zhou Enlai and Vice Premier Ri Ju-yeon

    Zhou Enlai and Ri Ju-yeon have an extensive discussion on the situation in Asia and Africa.

  • November 11, 1965

    Record of Second Conversation of Premier Zhou Enlai and Vice Premier Chen Yi with Foreign Minister Pak Seong-cheol

    Chen Yi, Zhou Enlai, Pak Seong-cheol, and Ri Ju-yeon have a detailed conversation about the situations in Indonesia, Algeria, Uganda, Mali, Guinea, and members of the Third World.

  • November 30, 1965

    Transcript of Conversation between Zhou Enlai and Jean Chauvel

    Premier Zhou and a representative from the French foreign ministry, Jean Chauvel, talk about the Vietnam War. Zhou voices China's support for Vietnamese people's requests for U.S. troops to withdraw from Vietnam and not interfere in Vietnamese internal issues. Zhou says that the U.S. has not comply to Vietnam's request and has on the contrary expanded the war. Chauvel agrees with Zhou that the final decision about the Vietnamese War should be made by Vietnamese people. Chauvel says that the priority should be to stop the current war and calls for a ceasefire to solve the issue. Zhou cites the U.S. expansion of troops and continued involvement in Vietnam as the cause of heightened tension in Vietnam War.

  • December, 1965

    Excerpt from Resolution of the 12 Plenum of the Party Central Committee On the New Situation and Our New Responsibilities

    Resolution by the Communist Party of Vietnam proposing to make "every possible effort to win international sympathy, support, and assistance."

  • December 01, 1965

    Speech Given by Party First Secretary Le Duan to the 12th Plenum of the Party Central Committee

    In this secret policy speech, Vietnamese Communist Party First Secretary Le Duan outlines the North Vietnamese negotiating strategy with United States, including the conditions under which talks between the two sides might first begin.

  • December 06, 1965

    Letter from the Committee for State Security of the Council of Ministers of the USSR on Aid to the Ministry for State Security of the DRV

    Letter describing technical assistance given to the Ministry for State Security of the DRV, including surveillance equipment.

  • December 11, 1965

    Note by East German Ambassador on the Current Policy of the Chinese Leadership [Excerpts]

    A note on the conversations between Ho Chi Minh and Mao Zedong in Beijing. Mao stressed the importance of Vietnamese opposition to Soviet revisionism. He also argues that a larger percentage of Chinese aid should be spread amongst the Southeast Asia region, and not simply given to Vietnam.

  • December 11, 1965

    Cable from the Chinese Embassy in the Soviet Union, 'The Soviet Revisionists Have Greatly Strengthened their False Support for Vietnam'

    The Chinese Embassy in Moscow analyzes Soviet policy toward Vietnam in the context of the Sino-Soviet split.