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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • May 23, 1946

    Report: Dyhernfurth Under Russian Management

    The report notes Russian control of Dyhernfurth Laboratory, which is used to produce poison gas.

  • August 01, 1946

    B.W. Personnel

    Backgrounds are given on German scientists and engineers.

  • August 01, 1946

    Report: Limitations of Allied Access to Information in the British Zone

    Appendix A of the report lists subject areas.

  • August 01, 1946

    Rumour of Work on Rocket Weapons

    The exerpt mentions Russia's development of rocket technology.

  • August 07, 1946

    Report of the Labour Party on its Goodwill Mission to the USSR

    UK Labour party representatives' summary of their trip to the Soviet Union. Visiting multiple cities, the representatives discussed Soviet education, rebuilding, economic conditions, and more. The members also spoke with Stalin about improving relations between the USSR and UK.

  • August 24, 1946

    Report on German Scientists and Engineers

    The report presents information briefs on German scientists and engineers.

  • August 31, 1946

    British Intelligence Meeting

    Participants of the meeting are listed.

  • September 01, 1946

    J. DeF Barker, Birgadier General, to the Commanding General, USAFE, 'Investigtation of Underground Installations'

    The report details the expectations of an investigation into German underground structures.

  • September, 1946

    Report on Bruenner-Waffen - Konzern Combine

    The report outlines the functions of, and individuals present at the Konzern Combine.

  • September, 1946

    Report on the Skoda Combine

    The report details the functions of and personnel at the Skoda Combine.

  • September 18, 1946

    Report from Wilhelm Voss to F.I.A.T. Hochst

    The report provides information on the Skoda and Bruenner-Waffen Combines.

  • December 31, 1946

    Telegram from Washington to New Delhi, 'Question of Dispatching of Goodwill Mission to Latin American Countries'

    This report describes the food crisis in India and suggests the dispatch of a goodwill mission to Latin American countries

  • December 31, 1946

    Telegram from Washington to New Delhi, 'Your telegram No. 10826 dated December 23'

    Possibility of food cooperation between India and Cuba

  • January 17, 1947

    Report to Washington on Mongomery’s Conversation with Stalin

    Montgomery and Stalin discuss the possibility for future UK-USSR cooperation and ongoing US-UK relations.

  • February 19, 1947

    Report from E. Tilley to Mr. R.G.H. Cullingham

    The excerpt delivers information about Dr. Simon.

  • February 26, 1947

    British Intelligence Report: Information Gathered on Kammler and Dornberger

    A collection of information regarding Kammler, Dornberger, and other Nazi scientists.

  • March 12, 1947

    Truman Doctrine, 'Recommendations for Assistance to Greece and Turkey'

    Truman's speech to Congress in which he laid the foundations of the Truman Doctrine by stating that the United States would support Greece and Turkey in order to prevent them from under the sway of the Soviet Union. This speech is often cited as the beginning of the Cold War, and US containment policy.

  • March 27, 1947

    Report: Dr. Wilhelm Voss

    The report mentions Dr. Voss's location.

  • March 27, 1947

    Telegram: Reports Written by Dr. Wilhelm Voss

    The telegram provides the location of Dr. Voss.

  • March 28, 1947

    Telegram: Karl Zeiss Personnel at Heidenheim

    The telegram requests additional information on Karl Zeiss Personnel.