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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • July 07, 1976

    Information on Some Aspects of Georgi Markov’s Activity

  • August 10, 1976

    Report on Agent-Operational Activities Among Intelligentsia and Mass Media Circles

  • 1977

    Bulgarian Interior Ministry Analysis of Foreign Propaganda against Bulgaria

    This document provides a detailed content analysis of the programs of individual Western broadcasters. It indicates particular sensitivity to broadcasts on Helsinki-related human rights issues, to the use of recent defectors with inside knowledge, and to Radio Free Europe's focus on domestic issues.

  • February 15, 1977

    Information from Gen. V. Kotzev on Enemy Activities after the CSCE Summit in Helsinki

  • February 15, 1977

    Information from Gen. P. Stoyanov on Subversive Activity after CSCE Summit

  • February 15, 1977

    Plan for Collaboration between Bulgarian and Polish Ministries of the Interior for 1977

  • April 07, 1977

    Plan for Collaboration between Bulgarian and Hungarian Military Counterintelligence Services in 1977–1980

  • December 27, 1977

    Letter from Sixth Directorate of Bulgarian State Security on KGB Support

    This document from the Sixth Directorate of Bulgarian State Security thanks “Soviet comrades” for their assistance in combating hostile propaganda against Bulgaria. It acknowledges the role of State Security in publishing articles in the Bulgarian media “exposing” RFE and RL, and refers to joint Soviet-Bulgarian operations against Western radios.

  • June 15, 1978

    Information from Bulgarian State Security Regarding Assistance to a Stasi Counterintelligence Operation Near Varna

  • July 11, 1978

    Information from Gen. D. Stoyanov on Agreement between WP Security Services for Establishment of Joint Database System SOUD

  • July 27, 1978

    Information on Visit to Soviet Union of a Bulgarian State Security VI Directorate Delegation

  • December 06, 1978

    Information on Meeting with Representatives of WP Security Services in Sofia on a Provocation Against Bulgarian Mission in Cairo

  • December 20, 1978

    Information KGB on Multilateral Agreement on SOUD

  • 1979

    Agreement for Collaboration between Bulgarian and Cuban Ministries of the Interior

    The agreement specifies the bilateral cooperation in the intelligence field.

  • 1979

    Bulgarian Cooperation with KGB against 'Subversive Centers'

    This document provides further details of joint KGB-Bulgarian measures to counter RFE and RL. It vaunts the effectiveness of Bulgarian regime counterpropaganda, claiming that it thwarted Western efforts to create internal strife in Bulgaria.

  • 1979

    Bulgarian and Czechoslovak Interior Ministries Plan to Cooperate against Foreign Propaganda

    This document details a plan for cooperation between the 6th Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior of the People’s Republic of Bulgaria and the 10th Directorate of the Federal Ministry of the Interior of the Czecho-Slovak Socialist Republic during the period 1979-1981 against foreign propaganda operations. Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty are singled out.

  • February 05, 1979

    Plan for the Work of Bulgarian State Security VI Directorate in 1979

  • February 15, 1979

    Plan of Collaboration between V Directorate Bulgarian State Security and X Directorate Czechoslovak Ministry of the Interior 1979-1981

  • March 02, 1979

    KGB Information No. 298-A on Kim Philbey Visit to Bulgaria

  • April 27, 1979

    Letter from Y.Andropov to Gen. D. Stoyanov Thanking Him for Materials on Turkey and Peru