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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • December 21, 1974

    The Record of Conversation between Foreign Minister of Mongolian People's Republic and President Kim Il Sung of North Korea at 21 Dec., 1974

    During the Foreign Minister of the Mongolian People's Republic's visit to Pyongyang, Kim Il Sung thanks Mongolia for its support of Korea's unification and welcomes discussion on each country's economic situation. Kim Il Sung also laments North Korea's military burden, expressing distaste for American imperialism.

  • February 16, 1976

    Memorandum, Hungarian Foreign Ministry

    Korean Officials meet with the Hungarian Foreign Ministry. The North Koreans believe Korea can not be reunited peacefully, and that the DPRK is prepared for a nuclear war.

  • February 18, 1976

    Report, Embassy of Hungary in North Korea to the Hungarian Foreign Ministry

    A member of the Polish Embassy reports information on DPRK military expenditures, manpower, and desire to construct a nuclear reactor.

  • August 19, 1976

    Letter, W. Tapley Bennett, Jr., to Isao Abe

    W. Tapley Bennett sends a report of the United Nations Command on an incident in the Joint Security Area of the Demilitarized Zone in Korea.Two United Nations Command personnel were beaten to death and several others including UNC and Republic of Korea personnel were wounded by North Koreans.

  • June 28, 1978

    Telegram to the Minister of Foreign Affairs from the Ambassador in Finland, “Report on Dialogue with Vainiomaki, Ex-Commercial Attaché in Pyongyang”

    A summarized report of dialogue with Finnish Ex-Commercial Attache in Pyongyang, who describes North Korea's military schemes, Kim Jong Il's car accident, and an agreement between North Korea and Finland for dispatching skilled engineers to help construct a pulp factory in North Korea.

  • May 21, 1979

    Notes on a Meeting in Seoul on 5 May 1979, 10:30 – 12:30 AM

    Kurt Waldheim and Park Chung Hee discuss the Secretary General's recent trip to Pyongyang and conversation with Kim Il Sung, as well as the possibilities for dialogue between North Korea, South Korea, and the United States.

  • December, 1979

    The Capability of the Puppet Regime to Launch an Attack on the South: A Comprehensive Analysis

    South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs Information and Cultural Bureau reports on the current situation and information regarding the risk of a North Korea attack, North Korea's military capabilities, and the definiteness of a possible of a North Korean invasion.

  • April 29, 1980

    Letter, Donald F. McHenry to Sr. Porfirio Munoz Ledo containing 'Report on the Activities of the United Nations Command (UNC) (December 18, 1978 - December 15, 1979)'

    McHenry sends a report of the United Nations Command concerning the maintenance of the Armistice Agreement.

  • May 30, 1984

    Stenographic Record of Conversation between Erich Honecker and Kim Il Sung

    Stenographic record of the first meeting between Kim Il Sung and Erich Honecker upon the former's 1984 official visit to the GDR. This is the morning session of 30 May 1984. Kim does most of the talking. Kim Il Sung discussed the economic situation in North Korea, objectives and problems of energy generation, the educational system. He asked the GDR for labor and cooperation in the education of specialists. He wanted to sign a long-term agreement of economic cooperation along with the intended friendship treaty. Kim Il Sung also evaluated the military situation in South Korea, explaining the problems of negotiations and reunification with the South. Honecker proposed the creation of an agreement towards economic and scientific cooperation between GDR and North Korea.

  • January 09, 1989

    Untitled report from Mieczysław Dedo, Polish Ambassador to the DPRK, concerning the results of Kim Jong Nam’s visit to Iran

    The Polish Ambassador in North Korea summarizes the results of Kim Jong Nam's visit to Iran, including possible oil deliveries, arms sales, and cooperation in uranium enrichment.

  • October 10, 1995

    Gi Seok-bok Biography

    Soviet-Korean Gi Seok-bok (Ki Sok Pok) was conscripted into the Soviet Army in August 1945 and was an important figure during the Soviet occupation of North Korea. In the wake of attacks on Soviet-Korean cadres in the mid-1950s, Gi returned to the Soviet Union in 1957.