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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • August 28, 1989

    CPSU CC Extract of Protocol #164/177 on the Soviet Strategy as it related to the UN and Ties to International Organizations, 28 August 1989

  • August 29, 1989

    Excerpt from Protocol No. 164 of the Meeting of the Politburo CC CPSU, 'On Relations between the USSR and the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank'

    Proposal for the Soviet Union to increase contacts with the International Monetary Fund and World Bank.

  • August 30, 1989

    Agreement Concerning Cooperation between the CSSR Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Committee for State Security of the USSR

    Cooperative and intelligence sharing agreement.

  • September 02, 1989

    Letter from Ahmad Shah Masoud to Soviet First Deputy Foreign Minister and Special Afghanistan Envoy Yuli Vorontsov

    Afghan opposition leader Ahmad Shah Masoud sends a defiant letter in response to Soviet overtures.

  • September 03, 1989

    Record of a Meeting in Berlin between Hermann Axe and Raul Castro Ruz

    Record of a meeting in Berlin on 3 September 1989 between Hermann Axen, member of the Politburo and Secretary of the SED, and Cuban politician Raul Castro. Also present were Cuban politicians Juan Almeida Bosque, Vilma Espin and Carlos Aldana. Topics include US involvement in Panama and its effect on Latin America, internal problems with the Cuban government and acknowledgment that socialist governments in Eastern Europe were changing.

  • September 07, 1989

    Poland: New Government to be Announced

    An analysis of the new Polish government which confirms Solidarity's majority.

  • September 07, 1989

    Special Analysis: USSR: The Option of Force in the Baltics

    An analysis of the Soviet posture toward the Baltic's movements for greater autonomy.

  • September 07, 1989

    National Intelligence Daily for Thursday, 7 September 1989

    The CIA’s National Intelligence Daily for 7 September1989 describes the latest developments in the United States, Colombia, South Africa, Lebanon, Netherlands, Poland, Czechoslovakia, the Soviet Union, Belize, Bolivia, Argentina, and Iran.

  • September 08, 1989

    Ambassadors’ Conference at the Austrian Foreign Ministry, Vienna

    Summary of discussion between Austrian Foreign Minister Erich Maximilian Schmid and ambassadors from Belgium, Finland, Yugoslavia, Luxembourg, and Sweden about the state of Eastern Europe, the decline of the arms race, and Western reactions to German Reunification.

  • September 10, 1989

    Letter from GDR Ambassador to Hungary, Gerd Vehres, to Foreign Minister Osker Fischer

    A letter from Gerd Vehres to Oskar Fischer detailing aspects of his conversation with Rezso Nyers in Vehres complains about Hungary opening its border to allow GDR citizens to illegally travel to Austria.

  • September 12, 1989

    East Germany: Emigration Raises Pressure

    An analysis of Hungary's pressure on East Germany to replace Honecker and tighten travel restrictions.

  • September 13, 1989

    Letter, John Foster Leich to George Kennan

    After a brief meeting at the Council of Foreign Relations, Leich asks Kennan for notes on an article he is writing about the origins of the Free Europe Committee.

  • September 14, 1989

    USSR: Baltic Parties Pressing Ahead

    An analysis of the Baltic governments' actions despite Soviet Central Committee condemnation.

  • September 19, 1989

    CPSU CC Memo with excerpt of Protocol #165/30, 19 September 1989

    Concerns Soviet ties to Mengistu Haile Mariam of Ethiopia.

  • September 19, 1989

    Implementing Agreement between United States Department of Defense and Italian Ministry of Defense, 'Italy - US (about Patriot)'

    Implementing agreement for the Patriot system between Italy and USA. Attached also correspondence between Secretary of Defense Cheney and Minister of Defense Martinazzoli.

  • September 19, 1989

    Letter from George Kennan to John Foster Leich

    Kennan asks Leich to add an appraisal of the efforts of the Free Europe Commission at the end of Leich's article on the Commission.

  • September 19, 1989

    Analysis by Envoy Thomas Nowotny, 'The Specter of German Reunification'

    The report discusses the conflicting views from countries such as the US and USSR surrounding German Reunification. It later explains predicted demographics, economics, and military prowess of a unified Germany.

  • September 22, 1989

    Presidential National Security Directive 23, "Untied States Relations with the Soviet Union"

    Presidential directive from George Bush regarding the changing nature of relations between the Soviet Union and the United States and the end of US containment policy.

  • September 22, 1989

    East Germany: Prospects After Honecker

    An analysis of what a new East German government may look like.

  • September 23, 1989

    USSR: Challenges from Nationalist Reformers in the Ukraine

    An analysis of nationalist movements and potential reformist legislation in Ukraine.